Review for The Great Dream Robbery

Review for The Great Dream Robbery

The Great Dream Robbery, Greg James, Fantasy, Humour, Chris Smith, Purple, Van, Twins, Silly, Kidnap, HeistDreams, tons of imagination, a big heist, and a unicorn who loves show tunes!

I was so so SO excited when I saw a new book appear by these two authors. I loved their Kid Normal series and I was hoping they would get together again to make a new book. And this book was just so so so much fun. I laughed, I snickered, I used my imagination (unlike what the kids say, adults can have imagination), I cheered.

I am a tad tired and still have a few other things to write so I am going to make a list review with all I loved. Normally this list would also contain a not so good part, but I just don’t have any complaints. XD

😍 Loved Maya. She was imaginative, strong, brave, and she is not afraid to kick some serious butt! I loved how creative she was and would have definitely liked to see some of her scribbles appear in the book. At times I just wanted to give her a big hug because there is a lot going on in the book. Her dad is missing, her mom is sad. That is terrible, but finding out that your dad’s boss just kind of did that to him? Ouch. So hugs I wanted to give.
😍 Teddy and Bea were such terrific characters. Love how they are twins but their personalities couldn’t be any more different. Bea is rational, calm, smart. Teddy is like the Cheshire Cat. I had to get used to Teddy a bit but after a while I just really liked the guy. He was so funny and his plans were wild but also great.
😍 I love that the machine was called CHEESE. OK, it also brought forth some hunger pangs because I love love cheese.
😍 Love that one can now enter dreams and later we can do even more with the machine. It was just so much fun. I wouldn’t mind visiting some dreams. Mine haven’t been the best lately what with my mental health being crap, so I wouldn’t mind visiting one with more happiness and calmness. I love that you can use your imagination in the dreams to make awesome things happen. And then later with what happens with the dream machine and what it can do? I just wanted to pop in the book and imagine some fantastic things. Food, unicorns, some big giant fluffy hamsters, a big block of cheese, a flock of cute sheep to transport me to places. I could go on. I want one of these machines.
😍 Loved the plans the kids had and loved that they all did it in dinky old van with a mattress on top. Loved that the van was electric and had a laugh at how they had to divide the energy between driving or the lab in the book.
😍 The illustrations! So wonderful. They fitted so well and I love love their style.
😍 The fourth wall being broken! I just love it when books do that and I was already looking forward to seeing it happen in this book. They also did it in their Kid Normal book, so I knew I would be in for a treat in this book.
😍 The villain was great, I couldn’t even really dislike her. In fact I mostly just felt sorry for her. I knew that underneath all that anger was a tired woman who just wanted to freaking sleep for once but thanks to nightmares and dad she wasn’t able to. So I was looking forward to seeing her change, see her understand. But before that we get some great parts in which she is a wonderful villain. Evil, mean, and shouty.
😍 The heist was a wonderful plan and I had a laugh at what more the plan involved. Because it wasn’t just figuring out how to get dad back, but also some other details. I can only say this, MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
😍 I loved the later part of the book with them breaking into the dream lab! That was just so much fun to read and see what these kids get up to! Lots of imagination and tons of laughter from my side.
😍 Unicorn that loves showtunes? Um, YES. YES. YES.
😍 The ending was just perfection! I loved every bit of it.

I could probably talk more and more about this book but I will just say that everyone will need to read this one! It is fun. Hilarious. Imaginative. Dream-filled.

Star rating, 5 stars

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