Review for With You and the Rain, Vol. 1

Review for With You and the Rain, Vol. 1

With You and the Rain, Vol. 1, Kou Nikaidou, Umbrella, Tanuki, Girl, Humour, Slice of Life, Cute, Humour, MelancholyI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

OMG, I already loved the description and the cover… but I love love reading it even more. This is one of my fav books of December 2021!

In this book a girl walks through the rain and she meets a tanuki (first confusing him for a dog). He bribes her with an umbrella (and shows he can do a very interesting talent) and the deal is sealed, he becomes her pet. And so throughout the chapters we see day to day events happening with her and her new pet. From just lounging at home after work to going to a stationery store to get some new paper for his talent to going to the beach. It is all very slice of life and all just what I needed.

But there is also enough to laugh about with all the things that happen when people realise that this is no ordinary pet. It is not even a dog. It is a tanuki. Some people have some hilarious reactions, some recover better from the shock than others. Like the vet is just one big weirdo but he was also just awesome. Then there is our MC’s dad who at first is totally like WTF but then totally falls for the little guy to the point of him buying shirts and outfits. And so there are more on the the daily adventures of these two.

There are also some melancholic and sadder moments which I also liked because they fitted very well with the story.

I had a laugh at the German couple our MC meets when shopping, I knew exactly what they were saying and loved it!

The art, OMG OMG OMG OMG, this manga has just such stunning art. There are some wonderful scenes that just had me going OHHH and AHH! It was just so pretty. I wouldn’t mind having some of the panels up on my walls.

All in all, I am going to be buying this manga very soon and keep an eye out for future releases. I would highly recommend this one!

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