StickiiClub ~ Cute x Pop Unboxing December 2021

StickiiClub ~ Cute x Pop Unboxing December 2021

Hi all!

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Welcome all to a new shiny Stickiiclub Unboxing! I got new ADORABLE and PRETTY stickers to show you all!

This month we get two themes, I am on on the one hand disappointed that only the cute is Christmas… as I would have loved some poppish stickers featuring the holidays. But on the other hand I also so love the theme of this month’s POP sticker set.

What is Stickiiclub? It is a monthly sticker subscription, you can get three kind of packs, Cute, Vintage, or Pop. It is quite cheap, 10 dollars (around 8 euro) per pack. Shipping depends on where you live. For me it is 2.5 dollar.
Each pack has a minimum of 10 items. 6+ sticker sheets, 3 stationery items + 1 STICKII storage insert (which I love, now I just need an A5 binder with 6 rings). As you can see there is plenty to love about these packs. If you want more on the packs/Stickii Club check out their homepage.

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Here is the tab with the theme, a cute stamp thingie, and a notepad. I really love the theme, Holly Jolly, it is perfect for a girl who could use all the warm and fluff of Christmas at the moment.

Some cute penguins that made me squee. I just love how cute these are. Next up is food with animals and boy I want that log, the pudding, and well, OK, everything. Haha. I love that there is a dash of shiny gold on the stickers.

Some postcards? With place for something? I don’t know what these are and these are just going to be thrown away as it is just not my thing and I frankly don’t really understand what is up with it.

Pusheen! Cute cats! More cute animals doing cute things. I love these three so so much, I love how Pusheen is just seen riding a unicorn, how one of the cats in the cat sticker sheet just tore down the tree by the looks of it. XD

Last two! Clear ones which I love! The first is cute stamps which I wish I could use on my Christmas cards as valid stamp. Please! The next is more food and cuteness and I love the style of the illustrations.
Stickii Club, Stickers
First up is the tab thingie. The theme is In the Moment!Β  A stamp with wise words. And another damned notepad. I am going to be just yeeting these at the paper container because selling stuff is impossible and I am just overloaded with these things.Β 

Gorgeous windows (I would call them that) with girls in various cool poses/doing cool stuff. I just love the colours and these are my FAVOURITE of the POP batch this month.

Cute pretty stickers featuring all sorts of fluffy and fun activities. Reading, hugging your cat, selfcare, and more. I really love the shininess of the second sheet.

Cute self-care stickers. Bath-tub and baking and reading are my favourites! Such a pretty one. Next up is Japanese foods and while I love it, I am not sure if it fits.Β 

The last is a mothy one and showcasing just how cute moths can be! I love that we get both a sheet with these creatures and a couple of bigger stickers!

2 thoughts on “StickiiClub ~ Cute x Pop Unboxing December 2021

  1. I have an obsession with stickers and these just look amazing, something I have never seen around! I did not know about this box so I need to get my hands on it immediately!

    1. Ohh, another sticker obsessed person *high fives*. I would HIGHLY recommend Stickiiclub then, every month the stickers are high quality and you get some other stationery items as well (like notepads or bookmarks). Hope you enjoy!

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