Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 12-12-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 12-12-2021

Gooooood afternoon~

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Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates!!! Happy Sunday.

Wow, what a week. Monday I went to the funeral of my grandfather. On Wednesday I picked up the ashes of my hamster. The whole week it was raining/cold. Thankfully, we had a friend visit us on Saturday so that was a fun thing in the week. And I completely threw myself in DIY projects. I picked up some colourswabpictures (really no clue what they are called) so I could see what colour I wanted to paint some walls. I fixed and painted the stairs in my attic library. And I am planning on doing some bookcases/shelves as well. XD It definitely helped me forget things for a bit.
Reading-wise, good week.

What did I read from my TBR this week? Buurtpolitie (funny, weird, loved it), Dating for Geeks (loooveee and that flashback was perfect), De schuilplaats van de duistere meester (this was so good, adventurous, funny, I just couldn’t put it down), Zoete Zusjes vieren kerst (wanted to save this one but it had to go back, really enjoyed reading it so much fun), Meikever (interested to read), Noah (WOW), De Gouden Kokosnoot (hilarious but at times a bit too much), Ninja Gamers (good read, but apparently a sequel??), Lotus (this was fun to read, great writing style, very interesting), White Bird (beatiful).

I tried and dropped: Nusta (yawn), Bruidsschip (meh), Heel Holland Bakt (felt a bit too samey).

Here is a new stack. Not included are Delivery to the Lost City and Rule of Wolves. I am reading both of these at the moment. Or try to. XD The rest is books I still have left from my library hauls and that need to go back + some own books that I want to read (though I am probably saving both Christmas books until Christmas.

Thanks all for reading! I hope you liked seeing all my reading plans and be sure to let me know what you are planning to read! Have a great week filled with books (and Christmas chocolate (or is that just me XD)), stay safe!

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