Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 19-12-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 19-12-2021


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Welcome all to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates!

A so-so week I guess. Bit of a stress as our government went from saying x to y again. Yep. At the end of last week it was like we are going to keep up with the evening lockdown, then at the beginning of this week it was OMG we need stronger measures, and on Saturday it was hellooooo lockdown until January 14th. Not really good for anyone’s health this yo-yoing and such. Thankfully, a little bit of light, libraries are allowed to stay open as they are special. dances It took almost 2 years for our freaking government to get that. Our quest for a doggo continues. We did see a cutie… but probably were too late with everything because Ikzoekeenbaas site is so illogical and every shelter has their own way of wanting you to contact them (from google forms to calling only) and not all of them list which they want… which makes it all confusing. Oh well, we keep on searching! I also baked some yummy cookies again, got a new cake tin (Christmas tree!!) that I cannot wait to start using.
Reading-wise. A pretty good week. I am getting caught up with my Netgalley TBR (YAS) and I managed to get all the books I wanted to still read before visiting libraries read.

Haha, I thought this was going to be a tiny stack, but we now know the plans of our government, I could add a few more, but I don’t want to fly through things. XD The first 5 are my Christmas TBR, the book below that is getting a second chance (let’s see if I can get further than 30-50 pages) and the rest is an assortment of fun library books~

And that is it! Thanks for reading and wish me luck! I will be having fun with this stack, so excited about the books on there! Good luck to all in my country and other countries that have put up a lockdown, we can do this everyone, we can get through this. Stay safe. Try to keep happy thoughts in your head (no easy, I know, but let’s all try).

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