Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 26-12-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 26-12-2021

Merry Christmas (day 2 is here, yas),

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Welcome all to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates!!! Merry Christmas!!

So this week was a bit up/down (we are still waiting on the shelter to either call or let us down through mail, it’s been 4 days…), but also ups with Christmas (yesterday and today) which so far is going very well! Yesterday we visited my husband’s dad (and his girlfriend) and it was a lot of fun, and I could sort through my husband’s mom’s books. She died in 2017, but with everything happening and how important those books were we just couldn’t get it done. But my father in law really wanted to get those books out, so I went through it and brought home two bags of books. XD I got something to read! During the evening we were at home and ordered some food and unwrapped presents. And today well, we cleaned out some old books (sadly, I cannot sell them and no second-hand store wants them because they are in English so they are going to be recycled which breaks my heart), we are going to do some puzzles, play Lego, eat some more yummy food, and later this evening gourmetten! So yeah, good good days~
Reading-wise, also a good week! Read a ton, DNFed some. XD

What did I read from my TBR this week? The Merry Murder Club (well, I am almost done XD So far so very good), Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch (enjoyed this one a lot though the villain was just meh), Vrolijk Kerstfeest Guus (adorbs), Een miljoen biljoen kerstmannen (), Pasoppen (eh, pretty nice at times but a bit repetitive), Er was misschien eens (this was just as fun as the first book!!), De kat en de stad (a magnificent book), Sadie (WOW).

I tried and DNF-ed: Christmas Carrolls (the girl was just too sheltered and came across as 5 rather than 9), The American Netherlander (meh, boring), Garbage Pail Kids (I think you need to know what this is, and I am just too young for that, haha, the characters were just too weird), One by One (yawn).

Here is a new stack! Just library books, I do have some new own books because Santa was kind, and I will read those but my haul post isn’t coming til tomorrow. Don’t want to spoil it. 😉

There we go! A big stack of fun books I cannot wait to read this festive week! dances I hope everyone has a great Sunday and a Merry Christmas day 2 in case you live in a country like me, and I also hope this week is going to be amazing! Enjoy, stay safe~ 😍 Oh, and be sure to let me know what you are reading or what looks great on my stack~

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