Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 5-12-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 5-12-2021

Afternoon all!

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Happy Sinterklaas to all who celebrate and to the rest a happy Sunday!

This week was not that exciting, haha. Not much happened. I did start to decorate for Christmas! We got lights up on various places in and outside the house. Yes, even outside we got some light, and I am totally hyped about it because I have been wanting it since we started living here. The tree is back. The windows have Christmas stickers/lights. Ah, it is perfect. Still no news on the dog search. We keep on looking but so far the dogs are often cute, but are just too old or too afraid. If it was our second or third dog we wouldn’t mind going for an older dog, but as our first dog we want to have the little guy or girl for a long time.
Reading-wise. TOP week. Really. TOP. I had so much fun reading my books now that I was able to (no full lockdowns yas), plus, I had some evenings that I could just read. Not to mention some afternoons I needed a (mental) health break. I should really get to reading some of my Netgalley stuff as that one is growing again. XD

What did I read from my TBR this week? Spiderman (this was just oodles of fun!), Mo en Tijger redden de dieren (super sweet and fun, love the theme being animals), De vloek van het kattenoogjuweel (OMG OMG OMG this was fab), Bloemen drogen (very interesting read, love to get some more information on various flowers), Een tijger in bed (this book made me laugh and I loved the information on tigers), Het wilde paard (nope, this was just a cashgrab), De juf die geen juf is (I cried, this was a great book about a woman and the kids who confided in her), Dingen die erger zijn (wow, what a book, so many emotions while reading), Try Not To (well, this was a disappointment, felt like a mix of many other YA Thrillers with a dash of Thirteen Reasons Why), Wereldwijd borrelen (YUM YUM YUM), Vrouwen in ‘t wit (this was so funny), Mijn dochter mijn kind (flips a table, this book just pissed me off and had a crap ending), Vulkanen en aardbevingen (super interesting though not a lot of new things, but still love the photographs).

I tried and dropped De meikoningin (not my kind of writing style and had to re-read at times), Hunkerbunker (with the weird art I had a hard time understanding who was who).

Here is a new STACK! I had so much fun choosing the books and see which ones to put on the stack for this week! I am very excited about this one~

And that is the end for this week! I hope you enjoyed reading my post and be sure to also comment on which book I should read first + what your plans are for this week (always curious what my readers are reading). I hope everyone has a great Sinterklaas if they celebrate and I hope everyone has a fantastic week. Enjoy and stay safe~

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