Top 10 Books December 2021

Top 10 Books December 2021

Good afternoon all!

Welcome all to my last Top 10 post of 2021!! Here is my top 10 books of December, what a month!

This month was a true rollercoaster. Early December Aagje (one of my dwarfhamsters) died and a day later I received news my grandfather had died. Not a good start and so the first two weeks I struggled a lot. Thankfully, my hubby was there for me and helped me decorate the house to distract me from all the emotions plus stuffed a lot of chocolate in my mouth XD. We saw a friend in the weekend and watched Birds of Prey now that it was finally on Netflix. And then it was Christmas and what a time that was. Despite that we couldn’t stay there for long because of all the rules (and the lockdown) we did pop by for a visit for a cup of tea/coffee, take home some books (we finally felt it was time to sort my mother-in-law’s books). And the other days were spend together, eating yummy food, playing games and LEGO, watching stuff on Netflix. It was a good end to a bad start.

Reading-wise it was pretty good! I read a ton and was delighted that libraries are now considered essential so I can just continue visiting in this lockdown.

This month I had three 5+ starred book (not counting re-reads) and nine 5 starred books (not counting re-reads).

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

With You and the Rain, Vol. 1, Kou Nikaidou, Umbrella, Tanuki, Girl, Humour, Slice of Life, Cute, Humour, Melancholy
What Lives in the Woods, Lindsay Currie, MG, Windows, woods, scary, horror, friendship, brother, family, vacation, summer
Kittens tegen dino's, Davy Mourier, Cats, Karate, Sci-fi, Humour, Comics, Dinosaurs
Spinjitzu Brothers #2: The Lair of Tanabrax, Tracey West, Lego, Ninjago, Ninjas, Children's Books, Brothers, Quest, Adventure, Action, Dolls, Scary
Spider-Man: Far From Home: Spider-Man Swings Through Europe!, Calliope Glass, Andrew Kolb, superheroes, travelling, Europe, Spiderman, Humour, Picture Books, Children's books, Venice, Prague, Superheroes, London
Real Pigeons Get Bready: Real Pigeons #6 , Andrew McDonald, Ben Wood, Pigeons, Superheroes, Adventure, Children's Books
Days of Sand: Part 2, Aimée de Jongh, Graphic Novel, Heartbreaking, Dustbowl, US, Photographer, Photographs, Orange, Yellow, Jeep, Truck, Historical Fiction

Tintelvlinders en pantoffelhelden
Van snoepjesproever tot matrassentester

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