Top 4 Books YA/Picture Books/MG

Top 4 Books YA/Picture Books/MG

Morning all!

Fireworks, New Year, Happy, Joy

Welcome to the fourth and last of my Top Books 2021 posts! This time I got 4 books (YA/MG/Picture Books) that I need to show!

I did read plenty of YA and MG, but only one YA and one MG from this year made it to my exclusive 5+ starred list. Same goes for picture books, just 2 out of the many got to this very exclusive list. I am very hyped about these books so I thought I would make a special Top Books post for them!

My Dad, Father, Parenting, Picture Book, Fuzzy Feelings, Heart-warming, Picture Book, Children's Books, Legs, Boy, Susan Quinn, Marina Ruiz
Penelope Strudel And the Birthday Treasure Trail, Brendan Kearney, Children's Books, Birthday, Search/Find, Humour, Animals, House, Puzzles, Codes, Girl, HOuse, Yellow, Fun
Didn’t do a long one, but here is a short one
It's Behind You, Horror, Thriller, Reality Game Show, Reality Show, Light Bulb, Scary, Young Adult, Kathryn Foxfield
4.Review to come in January
What Lives in the Woods, Lindsay Currie, MG, Windows, woods, scary, horror, friendship, brother, family, vacation, summer

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