Top 6 Manga/GN

Top 6 Manga/GN

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Welcome to the third of my 2021 Top Books Post! Today it is time to share my AMAZING manga/graphic novels I read in 2021.

This year was a great year for Manga/GN! I read some real tear-jerkers, some beautiful ones, some that made me laugh, some that made me cheer for the characters in the book. These 6, yes, 6 as I recently read a manga that was just WOW and I just cannot let that one not be mentioned, are my top of the year. The cherry on the cake.

Review to come later today
With You and the Rain, Vol. 1, Kou Nikaidou, Umbrella, Tanuki, Girl, Humour, Slice of Life, Cute, Humour, Melancholy
Cheer Up: Love and Pompoms, Pompoms, Cheerleading, LGBT, Romance, Transgender, Girls, Graphic Novel, Crystal Frasier, Val Wise
No review, just too hyped XD
The Girl from the Sea, Molly Knox Ostertag, Graphic Novel, LGBT, Selkie, Fantasy
Haru's Curse, Man, Woman, Urn, Loss, Mourning, Asuka Konishi, Realistic, Josei, Romance, Manga
Also too hyped to review XD
Harleen, DC, Batman, Joker, Mental Health, Harley Quinn, Stjepan Šejić
Forget Me Not, Alex Garin, Clouds, Sunset, Beach, Dementia, Grandparents, Travelling, Roadtrip, LGBT, Graphic Novels, Bring Tissues

2 thoughts on “Top 6 Manga/GN

    1. Let’s see, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Yotsuba!, Chi’s Sweet Home, Shugo Chara. And if you want something more dark than try Death Note. If you want educational try Cells at Work. 🙂 Have fun!

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