What I Hope To Read January 2022

What I Hope To Read January 2022

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A happy welcome to the FIRST 2022 What I Hope To Read post, welcome to January and BOY does it got books!

I am definitely hyped about 2022 in regards of books. I generally don’t look for new releases until the new month/this post (though of course I find books thanks to Twitter or one of the amazing blogger peeps I follow), but I had fun checking out what books were releasing in Feb and March as well this time, and BOY, I am already loving this year. So many fantastic books are coming out these three months, and January starts with a BANG. I got SO many books I need to check out/want to read/need on my shelves. I got a bunch of Dutch books as well that I am looking forward to.

Once again, no pre-orders. Amazon still sucks, I mean, I am still waiting for a pre-order that came out in October. 😐 Yes, I thought I would just pre-order it for once because it seemed Amazon would have enough in stock. But no. So no pre-orders and no ideas on when I will read/get these books given how terrible the stock is at Amazon (or how high the prices are). Sometimes I wish I lived in an English-speaking country with great bookstores filled to the brim with English books.

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    1. Haha, yeah, she really does pull those heart strings and not in a soft gentle way, be prepared to have them ripped. XD You need to be 120% ready for that.

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