WWW Wednesday #16 ~ 8-12-2021

WWW Wednesday #16 ~ 8-12-2021

Evening all~

Welcome all to a new WWW Wednesday!! It is that time of the week again~

Well, this week… sucked. Friday-night my sweet dwarf hamster Aagje died at 2.3 years old. Saturday we brought her to a pet crematorium. Saturday was also the day I received post that my grandfather had died 4 days earlier (thanks parents….). On Monday there was the funeral, a big thanks to my father-in-law for driving me there (2 hours to and 2 hours from). And today we got the ashes in a small urn of my dwarf hamster. sighs I do hope that the week improves. I could use some good vibes and good things now. For most I am just trying to get on with life + throwing in all the excess stress and sadness in fixing the stairs in my library attic (I want to repaint it) + going all out with decorating the house for Christmas to get into some form of holiday spirit. πŸ™

About WWW Wednesdays: WWW WednesdayΒ is a meme hosted by Sam ofΒ Taking on a World of Words. It is a fun way to show readers what you are reading, what you finished, what you want to read next.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


Rule of Wolves, Silver, Platinum, Fantasy, King of Scars, Book 2, Leigh Bardugo, Tree, Young Adult, New AdultLotus, Bart Hoffman, Jermain de Rozario, Non-Fiction, Biography, Food, Chef, Restaurant
Haha, yes, I am still trying to get through this chonker. Normally not a problem to get through a big book, but I am just in and out with my mood. Most days/evenings I am not into it. I think I spend a total of 4 hours in total so far XD. I am currently halfway, so I am getting there, and I hope that I can finish it before the end of the year.
And the second book is a Dutch one about a chef and his life/restaurant/etc.. Very interesting to read and almost done~
Recently Finished, WWW Wednesday, Reading, Books, Rainbow, Plant
Spinjitzu Brothers #2: The Lair of Tanabrax, Tracey West, Lego, Ninjago, Ninjas, Children's Books, Brothers, Quest, Adventure, Action, Dolls, Scary
This one! These LEGO NINJAGO books are just the best! Full of adventure, great characters, and humour. Oh, and some scary ass dolls and soul-stealing. I hope that more books will get translated/made as I want to know what is next in Wu and Garmadon’s adventure!

Where Decay Sleeps, Anna Cheung, Poetry, Decay, Undertaker, Poems, Skull,,
I so so so want to read this one! I got it from backing the publishers Kickstarter and with the mood I am in, I think it will be perfect.

2 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #16 ~ 8-12-2021

  1. I really hope things improve for you — I’m sending you good vibes. At least you have some good people around you (FIL sounds awesome driving you around) and you’ve had some ways to escape through reading.

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