Book Haul January 2022

Book Haul January 2022

Hey all!!

Welcome all! Welcome to my fabulous January’s Book Haul! I got quite a nice stack of books~

Despite that it’s my birthday soon, I wanted to buy some books. Some of these I bought before my husband went on a present spree and others are books that were just released so my husband couldn’t have bought them. XD In the end I have a wonderful stack of books, some graphic novels, some Dutch books, some YA and some MG/Children books. So happy that three books that just came out (Greta, Win Lose Kill Die, If This Gets Out) were out on Amazon around their release day, was already thinking I would have to wait until March or something given how things are these days.

From the stack I have read 7, so that means there are 5 left to read! I would have finished the pile, but I also have library books that are screaming at me to read them. Haha.

Ah, and just found out that I forgot to add xxxHolic Rei #4! XD I thought that one was from either my Christmas gifts or from December. Oops!

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
Donut the Destroyer by Sarah Graley, Stef Purenins
The House in the Woods by Yvette Fielding
Greta and the Ghost Hunters by Sam Copeland, Sarah Horne
Lock the Doors by Vincent Ralph
Win Lose Kill Die by Cynthia Murphy
If This Gets Out by Sophie Gonzales, Cale Dietrich
The Sleepover by Michael Regina
Mum’s the Word by Rebecca Oxtoby
I Lost My Granny in the Supermarket by Jo Simmons, Nathan Reed
Huda F Are You? by Huda Fahmy
Escape school: Het gevaarlijke toverboek by Anne Scheller
Van aap tot sapiens by Erik Bengt-Engholm

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