Library Haul ~ 29-1-2022 (Library #2 + #3)

Library Haul ~ 29-1-2022 (Library #2 + #3)

Hey all!

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Welcome to a GIANT BIG haul for Libraries #2 and #3! WHEW! I got so many new books to read. Keeping it short as I am dead tired and I just want to curl up and play Pokemon Arceus (we were lucky, we got in time before it was out of stock at the store we visited).

So today we needed to go back to Library #3 to bring back the books (where did the 3 weeks go?) and we decided we could just as well go to Library #2 as I only had 3 books left from the previous haul early January). This time we went to Library #3 first and then Library #2. There was a new (and big) toystore that had opened at Library #2’s town/city and we wanted it to visit without having to think about time.

Well, at Library #3 I just kept putting books in my bag. Haha, I found so many new releases! And then at other departments I also just kept finding book. My husband (waiting outside) was all surprised to see me so fast, he had expected it would take longer. Nope! The library was generous today!

Then at Library #2 it was picking up reservations + finding some more books! I was delighted to find a baking/cookie book at the new releases that I have had my eye on for a while, sadly, 30+ euro is still very expensive and I am glad I get to check it for free before I may consider getting it. And I also found plenty of other books to get along with the reservations. Oh, and I am so glad that I spotted that the person before me didn’t close his session when he lent/got his books… I could JUST about snipe away my books. Haha, otherwise he had some extra books and I would have an issue. XD

So, as you will see in the pics below, LOTS of books, oh boy oh boy. I am still not sure which one to start with, haha. Help!

STATS: 59 books. 12 from Library #3 (picture #1) and 47 books from Library #2 (the rest of the pictures).

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The House of a Hundred Whispers by Graham Masterton
Onze dominee is detective by Marijke Gehrels
Verdronken by K.R. Alexander
Bloot by Jutta Nymphius
Zout by Doreen Hendrickx
Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore
De deal van je leven by Fredrik Backman
Kriebels op glad ijs by Lily Frank
Van Istanbul naar Bagdad by Arnon Grunberg, Hanco Kolk
Alles wat je weet over dino’s is FOUT by Nick Crumpton
Mies by Agustin Ferrer Casas
Was getekend Rien Poortvliet by Rien Poortvliet

Het grote Nederlandse Bierwandelboek by Guido Derksen
De reis van je leven by Viora Rebergen, Joost van WIlligenburg
Zoals vogels vliegen by Els Quaegebeur
De oppasser by Job van Tol
Cocktails met Victor by Victor Abeln
Ongekend Parijs by Ferry van der Vliet
De bakatlas by Rutger van den Broek
Tuinieren voor kinderen by Kirsten Bradley
Meesters in vermomming by Marc Martin
Geniepig groen by Etta Kaner

Middelkind by Kirsty Applebaum
Maanlichtdraak & Monsterschrik by Cornelia Funke
Dirkje Bakkes: Brandnetelspecialist by Tosca Menten
Het dagboek van Gurty by Bertrand Santini
Het raadsel van de gravin by Ineke Kraijo
Een vriend als geen ander by Oliver Scherz
Monsterdonuts by Gianna Pollero, Sarah Horne
Het grote kleine monster by Pim Lammers, Kris Thys
Kind I by Steve Tasane
Dummie de mummie #1 by Tosca Menten
5 dagen jou by Hans Mijnders
Highlights #1 by Danny De Vos, Hetty van Aar
Crescent City by Sarah J. Maas
The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danford

Overschot by René Appel
Een eindeloze zomer by Lizzie van den Ham
Brandend verlangen by Lily Frank
Serge by Yasmina Reza
Droomplek by Reina Crispijn
Het Italiaanse meisje by Lucinda Riley

Prinsje kiest zelf by Marjet Huiberts, Myriam Beren
Hey baby, kijk! by Laura van Bouchout
Brugpieper Roos Vink #5 by Jan Vriends
Lotta #3 by Marloes de Vries
Spannendste avonturen van Donald Duck by Walt Disney
Mickey Horrifikland by Lewis Trondheim, Alexis Nesme
Prinses Willeke by Jessica Raes, Yasmine Stalpaert
Jij en ik en alle anderen by Marcos Farina
Mika maakt vrienden by Tom Percival
Melody en het eiland van Muziek by Enzo Pérès-Labourdette & de Vrolijkheid
Beer is nooit alleen by Marc Veerkamp, Jeska Verstegen
Ik wil een hond by Kitty Crowther
Monty’s buitengewone dagje by Ellen De-Lange, Malgorzata Zajac
Granaatappelmeisje by Hadi Mohammadi, Neda Rastinmehr
Mopperberen: Veel te lief by Myriam Ouyessad, Eric Gasté
Morgen gaan we verhuizen by Maayken Koolen
ABC Zoekboek by Milja Praagman, Leopold van de Ven

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    1. Haha, yep, I raided my libraries. XD Thank you! And yes, especially since my birthday is on Saturday and I was already thinking on what I should bake next!

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