My Birthday Is Almost Here, Top 5 Books I Would Love!

My Birthday Is Almost Here, Top 5 Books I Would Love!

Hey all!!!

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Welcome to a shiny new post! Today I want to show you the books I would REALLY love to have for my birthday!

So on February 5th it is my birthday!! So close!! And while we probably cannot do anything (thanks Rona, again), I am still very excited for the day. Of course, I wouldn’t be a bookworm otherwise, I want to get some books! From the 40-ish books that are out and on my wishlist, I picked a few books that are SUPER high on my WANT list. I thought I would share these with my readers. Some of these you may have seen during my two posts about what I would like for Christmas, but I also added 2 other books in this top 5!

Let’s get started~

The Enforcer Enigma (San Andreas Shifters #3), Gail Carriger, Shapeshifter, LGBT, Romance, Sex, Werewolves, Magic, Fantasy, Wolf, Half-naked man, Sexy
The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat, Claire Belton, Pink, Rainbow, Cats, Claire Belton, Pusheen, Cute, Comics, Humour
Your Guide to Not Getting Murdered in a Quaint English Village, Maureen Johnson, Jay Cooper, Humour, England, Mystery
The Girls Are Never Gone, Sarah Glenn Marsh, Hand, Horror, Paranormal, LGBT, Ghosts
The Body Under the Piano, Aggie Morton Mystery Queen, Marthe Jocelyn, Isabelle Follath, Children's Books, Mystery, Friendship, Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot, Historical Fiction

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