Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 24-1-2022

Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 24-1-2022

Hey all~

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Welcome to the very first Netgalley TBR Updates of 2022! I got a few more books on my shelves and I want to show them to you!!

Three of books from last time are still on the shelves. I just haven’t been in the mood for either a book about games, about influencers, or about bodyguards. XD The other books on the shelves from my previous TBR (see here) did get read and also read some other books in between that post and this one that were new. But it just never was enough to share. I am just really really picky in what I want to request and so it is very rare for me to get over 1-3 books.

But some new manga got added and I just cannot resist some yummy new manga (especially not when it is the second book in my LGBT travel series). And then some other fun things got added and so my list grew from 3 to 10 in just under 2 weeks. XD I am very hyped about the things on my list though, I think the first one I will be reading is Our Not So Lonely Planet Travel Guide followed by Astronomers and What They Do (I just love Liesbet Slegers and her books).

NOTE: Sorry for the blurry picture, it is OK at my end, but it seems WP resizes it and that messes things up. Click on the image to view a bigger (and good) resolution.

Netgalley TBR, Reading, Want to read, manga

And that is it! Wish me luck, especially with those three books I am just not into at the moment, I really need to get reading them. Let me know how big your Netgalley TBR is and if you have any books that you want to read but are just not in the mood for! Thanks for reading all, have a great day~

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