Review for Because Japan

Review for Because Japan

Because Japan, Ash Watson, Non-Fiction, Biography, Travelling, Japan, Red, PassI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I am always in for books about Japan, about travelling, about living there, seeing their experiences and read about the country. And so this one had to come with me. Sadly, it wasn’t all that for me.

Let me start with the good stuff. I had fun reading about the author’s first time in Japan, from finding an apartment to learning more of the language to hanami and giving people presents as a welcome gift. I loved that he was a fan of Pokemon GO (me too) and laughed at the stories about Pokemon GO especially that Lapras one. I remember that people went totally bonkers about Pokemon GO here as well, and I remember that my husband and I were just thinking that people were craycray to go that far. XD We read about strange and strict rules. About public transport (each time I read about that I am glad I am not there XD). I always like it when authors explain their title or their title pops up in the book.

But the writing just felt a bit stiff. At times it wasn’t easy to read because it just didn’t seem to flow, it didn’t grab my attention. He also likes to go on big descriptions of things, like the chapter with the apartment? After 2 pages I just gave up, and glad I did because there were another 6-10 pages about the apartment. Dude, I really don’t care. XD Other times he just started about one topic, then went to something else, then back again, which made me confused and I had to re-read at times.

Also, this isn’t entirely a book about firsts and I had expected that one given the introduction and how he called the notebook.

So yeah, while I did have plenty I enjoyed, the stiff writing just made it hard for me to read and I sometimes just found myself bored. I cannot give the book more than
Star rating, 2 stars

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