Review for Days of Sand – Part 2

Review for Days of Sand – Part 2

Days of Sand: Part 2, Aimée de Jongh, Graphic Novel, Heartbreaking, Dustbowl, US, Photographer, Photographs, Orange, Yellow, Jeep, Truck, Historical FictionI received this book from Europe Comics in exchange of an honest review.

I have had this ebook in my possession for a few months, just never in the mood, but now I am! I was curious to see how John’s tale would continue, what choices he would make, who he would meet, and see more real photographs of the place.

I love how the book continues the numbering from the first book, a tad confusing at first, but then I just adored it.

We read about various families from a new one to Betty’s. We read about the past (even a tiny bit about John), about why these people came to this place (once upon a time it was a green land), about why they aren’t leaving, about why they are leaving. And then the last part… with Betty’s family. My heart was already ripped out, I already felt raw, and then that punch came and seriously, I am still crying. Crying at all the unfairness, the pain, the hurt, how sand is everywhere and how it takes over everything. I was also angry. Angry that no one seemed to help. I mean, the photography program seemed to do more harm than help. Given how people reacted. Given that it seemed nothing was happening.

The ending, again, still crying. But I also need to mention I am proud of John there. He made a choice, he listened.

I loved that we got some extra information at the end of the book. About the FSA, about the program, about many other things. Always love it when books added additional information.

The art is magnificent once again, Aimée de Jongh <3 <3. I just love how detailed everything is, how she captures all the little things. I love the character designs and how you can just feel that sand creeping up on you. The dust floating around.

All in all, highly recommended, just like the first book! Go and read it! Bring tissues.

Star rating, 5 stars

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