Review for Delivery to the Lost City

Review for Delivery to the Lost City

Delivery to the Lost City, The Train to Impossible Places, Book 3, Blue, Train, Children's Books, P.G. Bell, Yellow, Train Tracks, Postal Services, FantasySuzy is back and this time it is a very important postal delivery! Something that sucks out words!

In this new book Suzy is going to a city that is lost! A special delivery needs to be made and it is a quest again time!

I was just so excited to find this book at my library! They are really spotty on adding English books, especially with series, so I was delighted that I could finally read Suzy’s next adventure!

In this one a book is eating words, it is overdue and that its curse. A whole library is eaten! Suzy has her parents with her as they really wanted to come and keep an eye on her. There is a dinner party at the beginning. Sorry, I am all jumbled because this was such a fun read! Suzy makes some reckless but awesome decisions in here and I was rooting for her. She is so brave and I love that with each story she gets stronger and more determined to be a postie. No matter what the worlds throw at her she is there to give it a shot.

I loved that we find out some more about the worlds. Not just about the missing one, but also about the rest of the Impossible Places. Plus, we have a character along that we normally only meet at one point!

I loved Hydroborea, well, OK, the villain was just ARGHHHHH, but well-written. But I just loved going in a city that was lost. A city that once was beautiful but now is lost and with a dictator. I was hoping that Suzy could help out. That the book could solve things.

I had such a laugh at the mobile phones they have in the Impossible Places. XD I guess it is good for your condition.

While I wasn’t a fan of the book all the times (I mean he is EATING words) I did grow to like him as the story goes. The snark was just so perfect. And I loved what happened when he opened up.

Where Hydroborea actually was? I absolutely LOVED that and loved how it connected so many things together. Plus, also what it all meant! dances

The main reason why I am rating this one lower (really, each book just gets a lower rating) is because of the parents and then especially the mom. I mean, your kid is honest about where she has gone which is just fantastic and instead of praising that you ground her, lock her down, keep a tight watch on her, stalk her school each day multiple times, hover over her like she cannot be her own person, and more. The mom is such a classic helicopter mom. Horrible. I thought maybe if she went with Suzy on her travels she would change. Well, the dad did (but then again I don’t think dad was that big of an obstacle given all), but mom was constantly whining, screaming, being angry, keeping Suzy close. I mean, your girl has survived 2 adventures so far, she has an amazing group of friends and family there that will help her out. She isn’t alone. She is as safe as one can be. She is inventive and knows how to get out of trouble. She tries to show you and all you do is shriek. 😐 So yeah, I loved the Suzy/Wilmot POVs but not the Express ones as those featured the parents. 😐

Plus, I found it all the magic that those two were magically there. Sure, sure.

But all in all, despite those things, I did have fun reading it and I am hoping that there will be a new book in the series. Because I am sure there are enough adventures to be told. Especially now with that revelation!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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