Review for How to Grow a Unicorn

Review for How to Grow a Unicorn

How to Grow a Unicorn, Rachel Morrisroe, Steven Lenton, Unicorns, Gardening, Grandma, Picture Book, Cute, Humour, Children's BookWhat happens when you don’t follow instructions? Find out in this hilarious and cute book!

First up a big BIG thank you to Santa (aka my husband) for giving me this book during Christmas! Thanks!!! I really wanted this book as I am a big fan of Steven Lenton and now in the process of trying to get all his books.

In this book we meet Sarah, a little girl who loves her grandma a lot. Together they garden and so when it is time for a birthday present Sarah finds the perfect place. A little shop full of plants, seeds, and magic. She picks unicorn seeds (no surprise there it is in the title) and what happens next… well, I would have done the same. Why just go for one and have a failure when you can have tons, more chance that something will bloom. I guess I should be responsible, but my ADHD is going UNICOOOOOORRRRNNNSS in my head at the moment, so sorry, no responsibility here for now. I had such a laugh at what happens next, though I also felt sad. Yes, I am confusing. But I just had two feelings. I loved seeing the unicorns though and I loved that there were so many shapes and colours. From tiny ones to ones with red hair and ones with green hair.

I loved the boss of the store. He reminded me of Audrey from Rocky horror picture show and that made me smile so much! I was squeeing and my husband just looked at me in confusion again. XD

I love love love the store and wish I could visit it. I saw so many fabulous and magical plants and I wouldn’t mind some of them in my house or in my garden! Those cats that do a dance? Or the unicorn seeds (I will be good)? I want to add some magic to my life!

The ending was just fab and pooptastic. That is one way to find a solution for a problem and it is the perfect one. I wouldn’t mind some magical rainbow poop. Though unsure about the unicorns, maybe if they are alone they aren’t such a problem?? XD

The art was just amazing and I love the details, you can just keep looking at the pictures and keep finding new things.

All in all, highly recommended to all!

Star rating, 5 stars

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