Review for I Don’t Have a Dog

Review for I Don’t Have a Dog

I Don't Have a Dog, Contessa HIleman, Carolyn Conahan, Dog, Picture Book, Cute, Adorable, Family, Girl, Dog, SuperheroesI received this adorable book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist this adorable looking book on Netgalley. I was curious to see what the girl had if she didn’t have a dog. XD Plus, I am in the mood to reading all the dog books because I am just not having any luck with getting a dog from the shelter.

In this adorable book we see a little girl and her friendly companion, a white and orange spotted dog. Who is indeed doing a lot more than just being a dog! I had a laugh seeing him clean the dishes along with the girl (eww and also aww), see him rip apart some yummy homework (haha, perfect), he is her fanclub (which was just adorable), and he is many other things. I just found myself looking forward to each new page and see what the dog was doing. What the dog was now. It was both adorable (yes, you will see this word a lot in this review) and hilarious. The bond between these two is just so strong and I love love loved it.

I also had a big laugh at the little brother the girl had. Yep, there is more to check out in this book. Like see what the little brother is doing. Like throwing eggs on the floor. XD

And that ending, sorry I am just a big sap for that sort of stuff, but I was just crying. It was just so sweet and cute and the perfect way to end this adorable and fun book.

The art was tons of fun, yes, perspectives may have been better at times, but the art still brought a smile on my face and I love the colours used.

All in all, if you need a book that will make you laugh and cry, be sure to try out this one!

Star rating, 5 stars

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