Review for Lovesick Ellie, Vol. 1

Review for Lovesick Ellie, Vol. 1

Lovesick Ellie, Vol. 1, Fujimomo, Romance, Tsundere, Hot/Cold, Friendship, Manga, Hug, Shojo, Boy, Girl, StarsI received this manga from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A manga that looked real cute and I just had a laugh at that the girl was writing pervy tweets… but sadly the guy (tsundere/hot + cold) just didn’t work for me.

I just loved Ellie, or Eriko. Her tweets are just the best and I love that they were added to the story. I would SO read a book with a story from Eriko, she has a really nice writing style and her perviness is just perfect. She is definitely not the first girl with pervy thoughts in a manga, but I always love it when there is one. It is just still too much the guys, so I am happy with all the pervy girls. Well, depending on how far they go. Eriko is pretty tame. XD I really don’t understand why people find Eriko plain, I found her really cute and adorable. I loved seeing her grow in this first volume. From a wallflower to someone with a friend and a love interest (though he isn’t the best to have in my eyes). She speaks up more. Gets more honest. It was great!

Omi (or Ohmi as he also was called in the translation) was horrible. I get that maybe he is that way given how the girls in his school are and what they do to him (I mean, stealing a jersey or just swarming the poor guy) + there is a hint later on that something happened in middle school (come on, it was so obvious given how he reacted to that guy). But I just wanted to punch him in the nuts many times with how he treated Eriko. He went from being quite sweet and understanding to an absolute dick often in the span of mere seconds. And I just wanted to hug Eriko so much, but also shake her a little that she was falling in love with this unhealthy (yes, I would call him that) guy. The guy was just too much for me. Past me would have liked a tsundere guy, but me now, a bit older and more experienced, is just saying FUCK nope to this. Maybe if he really worked on himself that I would recommend a relationship, but for now.. very unsure.

I did like Misaki/Sara, I am still a bit on the fence about her intentions, but for most she was OK. I did think it was a tad weird how she knew Eriko’s sizes and that THAT gift fit so well. I know she likes to sew and I have seen the gag around in manga and anime with people like that who can just magically see the sizes, but this was just odd. Also an odd gift to give to someone you barely know. XD

The art was OK and quite cute at times, though I am not sure how I felt about some of Eriko’s expressions. What is up with her mouth in some instances?

All in all, I did enjoy parts of this and I like Omi when he is just kind and sweet… but I am not sure if I will read this one on. Maybe when the series is complete and people can tell me if Omi turns out to be a good guy after all.

Star rating, 3 stars

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