Review for Mondays at Monster School

Review for Mondays at Monster School

Mondays at Monster, Louise Symes Ruth, Monsters, Cute, School, First Day, Friendship, Children's BooksAn adorable book about monsters and their first day at school!

I spotted this adorable book at the library and it just had to come with me. Look how cute!

In this book we meet up with a tiny monster named Fred who is about to go to school. Well, if he can put himself over his fear! His mom tries to help him out by giving hugs and telling him all the fun things that will happen at school. But Fred is definitely not impressed. Well, that is until his friend Ted is also afraid. Then he puts himself over his fear to help his friend and that just made me smile. I loved seeing this duo get happy again and look forward to school.

And the school itself was just a delight. I wanted to be there! Roar, roll in the mud and do a mudfight, even the teacher participates, stomp and build block towers. However, if you don’t mind, I will skip the lunch part because EWW bugs. The boys make new friends and I loved seeing them together. It sounds like a wonderful school and I am curious what more the monsters will learn as the days go by. I wish the book wasn’t so short or was a series so I could just go to the next book!

The illustrations were just adorable!

The ending made me laugh! That is a very good teacher! Plus, I can imagine this is how the whole week will go and I kind of wish we could be there for it.

Plus, I love that at the end we get some extra questions that you can answer and see if you have gotten all the fun details~

This is a book I would recommend. Perfect for kids who have first day jitters, but also perfect for kids who love monsters.

Star rating, 4 stars

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