Review for My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over!, Vol. 1

Review for My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over!, Vol. 1

My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over!, Vol. 1, Tetsu Tsutsui, Koyubi Sugawara, Fans, Idols, Manga, Yandere, Nope, Friendship, High SchoolI received this manga from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was definitely looking forward to this manga, when I saw it on Netgalley I just laughed so much at the title. I was curious how Sakiko would be, given that sometimes fans can go a bit far, I was wondering if she would be that one or just a cute fan excited to see her idol.

A manga that could have been so cute and fun. A manga about a fan and her idol. However. I wasn’t happy with this one. And that is because next to these two cute girls we have a psychotic and over the top character named Maaya. Really, I just don’t understand why the author felt the needed to add such a character to the story. Because without Maaya? I would have absolutely loved this story. Sakiko is just the cutest and I love how she tries to be respectful to Chiro and not go full fangirl on her, she tries to be her friend. I had a big laugh at her reactions, especially early on when she finds out it is Chiro next to her. In her school. And then later she still has reactions and I just loved how sweet they were. She is just so happy to just have Chiro happy, a smile makes her happy. I loved that later on in the story she figured out what she wanted to be and that is such a wonderful goal! Then there is Chiro, she is a bit shy but also so so sweet, and is OK with Sakiko (even after that hilarious confession). I just loved that no one recognised her except for Sakiko and another girl, haha, I guess the group is still in the beginning phase. Chiro was adorable, though I would have liked her to be a bit more aware what is going on around her, I mean, it is pretty obvious with Maaya. I loved that you can really see a friendship blossoming between these two. I would have just love a whole manga about these two figuring out how friendship works between a die-hard fan (but respectful) and an idol. See them get closer!

But Maaya. From the moment we meet her she does things that no one should do. I mean, throws a phone on someone’s head because they get too close to Chiro. Spams Sakiko’s Twitter and sends harmful and hurtful messages all day long. Then later when Maaya gets closer to Chiro things escalate to manipulation, threats, hurt, and more. I am sorry, but what the actual fuck? This girl is constantly pushing poor Sakiko, constantly being a bitch, constantly making Sakiko afraid of everything. Constantly doing shit that no one should do and I just wanted her out of the story. Stat. Now. It just got too much. Maybe she has a reason, but I am sorry, I am not in the mood to get some sort of sob story on how someone became a yandere for her idol. 😐

The art was good, I loved the character designs from Chiro and Sakiko.

Oh, and I just wish we could have heard music along with the guerrilla concert! The group was just so vibrant and fun and I just wanted to hear the music they were singing. To be part of it.

So, I won’t be continuing this story. I don’t want a story featuring a yandere girl who goes WAY too far and gets WAY too creepy. Again, if it was just Sakiko and Chiro, I would have read on and on as each volume came out.

Star rating, 2 stars

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