Review for Once Upon a Wild Wood

Review for Once Upon a Wild Wood

Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Magic, Adventure, Children's Books, Picture Books, Wolves, Beauty and the Beast, Chris Riddell, Once Upon a Wild WoodChris Riddell has done it again! Grabbed a lot of classic fairy tales and connected them together and added a party~

When I saw this book at Library #1 I was just squeeing in delight (silently, as the library was quite busy). I just love Chris Riddell and his works and this had to be read! This had to come home with me.

In this adorable book we follow a little (but tough) girl named Little Green Raincape or Green. She is off to a party! Rapunzel is having one at her tower and our little girl is very eager to go there and have a blast! But of course, as fairy tales do, the road to the Tower won’t be an easy one! While I was expecting some fairy tales, I hadn’t expected so many and for all of them to fit the story so well, for it all to be woven so perfectly. We meet Thumbelina, Beauty & the Beast, the piglets are there (though they aren’t making their own house instead they are inspecting buildings), she sleeps at the Three Bears, and there are many others she meets along the way and that influence the story in some way. I just love meeting all these fairy tale characters, especially Beauty and the Beast made me smile. It was just perfection.

Plus, there are also references here and there, like the pumpkin coach!

And the party? Yes, that one was just magical and I loved seeing everyone plus more. I wonder how it fit in her tower, but I guess that is magic for you! I just wanted to step in so badly to party along with the characters and have a grand time!

The illustrations? They were perfect, as I already expected. Again, Chris Riddell is magical with words and with art.

I would highly recommend this magical book to all! Be sure to check it out!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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