Review for Rainbow Girls #1: Let’s Save Lulu!

Review for Rainbow Girls #1: Let’s Save Lulu!

Rainbow Girls: Let's Save Lulu!, Carbone, Hélène Canac , Superheroes, Mystery, Friendship, Graphic Novel, Children's booksI received this book from Europe Comics in exchange of an honest review.

I mean, how could I NOT pick up this book when I got the mail from Europe Comics with new books to review? Look at that fun cover! And the blurb sounded nice as well.

Sadly… I just found the first part weird and way too rushed. So Gwen’s adult sister has disappeared, but do we really know she disappeared? Yes, she left all her stuff and yes her rat is apparently trying to make something clear, but I just found it weird that these girls immediately went into panic mode because of all this. If I was that sister I would have also gone away. XD

Later we do learn that something is up and I started to get more into the story. And I started to like seeing these girls do their own research and get after clues. Mel was definitely a big surprise. Given how she was in the first pages I thought she was a prissy little fashion doll but instead she often takes the lead and she does some stuff that the other girls wouldn’t dare to do.

But seriously, who in peep name is going into barrels with clearly something in it and clearly big BRIGHT stickers on it. I get they needed to hide, but seriously? This? This was just meh. Plus, fighting with big plants? I would just have yeeted myself out of there, or hidden under something, or grabbed a sharp pointy thing, because seriously? Punching that thing? snorts

I loved Razzie. Well for the first part of the book. Haha, you all know how I feel about talking animals. I am not a fan. XD

I did like seeing the girls get superpowers/what their powers are and I did like their outfits. They fit to a T and it fits their superhero name (Rainbow Girls).

I did like the art as well, it was cute!

But will I continue? MMmmm, just not sure. I mean, this wasn’t bad at all, but at times it was just rushed, overdramatic (with that start), and there were some dumb decisions. Also talking animals. No.

Star rating, 3 stars

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