Review for Siggy Loves Sausages

Review for Siggy Loves Sausages

Siggy Loves Sausages, Brian Frederick, Dogs, Magic, Fantasy, Picture BookI received this book from BookSirens in exchange of an honest review.

I had been thinking of reading this book some time now and when I was checking out BookSirens to see if there were any new/fun books to request I spotted this one and decided that now was the time! I was curious about this little dog named Siggy and I looked forward to the story.

In this fun picture book we meet Siggy, originally Sigmund but Phyllis (the girl he lives with) couldn’t pronounce his name so it turned to Siggy. When he sees a bag flying in the air he is excited, transfixed. But he is even more determined when he learns that it is not just a bag, but a present! So he bounces after it in rapid dachshund fashion! And so we meet a lot of people of the town, from the baker to Phyllis to an artist, and then we go to the forest where we meet sprites! I just love that there is a bit of magic in this one!

I had a bit of a laugh that Siggy fell under the temptation of food (like any dog) and had to reorient what he was doing. XD Oh Siggy! You silly but brave dog.

The ending was just supersweet. I am so happy for Siggy, what a life he has! Sausages, cake, pancakes, and more!

Bonus points to the pretty map at the beginning of the page, I just LOVE it when books add maps to the story! I had fun seeing the little town of Hope Hamlet, walk the streets.

The art was really pretty!

All in all, if you are in for a fun book featuring a sweet dog and want your books to have a dash of magic, be sure to check this one out!

Star rating, 4 stars

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