Review for The Cat Purrsonality Test

Review for The Cat Purrsonality Test

The Cat Purrsonality Test, Alison Davies, Alissa Levy, Cat, Quizzes, Personality, Non-Fiction,I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So just for starters, I don’t have a cat. I am very very allergic to them. But I do love a good book about cats and I do love tests. And I do have another fur baby in my house, my hamster Yuki. XD Yes, not a cat, but I was curious if the tests would kind of work for her.

The book is split up in 9 chapters and in each chapter we get a different aspect of cats and who they are. From social circles to how much they sleep to strange quirks and behaviours, everything comes by with information and quizzes! I had fun reading and I had fun doing most of the quizzes. Some just really didn’t fit my hamster, and while I didn’t participate in those I did read the answers and the test results because it was just interesting! And the quizzes I did.. well of course I had to adjust some stuff because cats and hamsters are way different, it did fit at times. Which made me laugh. Like when I got the King of Chill on one of the tests, which just fits in most perfectly including the purr. Yes, my hammie purrs when she is absolutely in bliss.

The quizzes are fun to do and I love the questions/answers. There is plenty to choose from.

The art was just the cutest (well, at times maybe a tad weird XD). I really enjoyed the pictures that accompanied every test result and loved how well they fitted with the text mentioned there.

All in all, recommended to all cat (and maybe other animal lovers) as well!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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