Review for The Hospital Dog

Review for The Hospital Dog

The Hospital Dog by Julia Donaldson, Sara Ogilvie, Dogs, Hospital, Cute, Adorable, Kids, Picture BookMeet Dot, a Dalmatian who is superspecial, she is a hospital dog!

I read this book in Dutch but will be writing my review in English. This was just so heartwarming and lovely and now I want a dog even more. XD

Meet Dot, she and her owner Rose may look ordinary and just be a normal owner/dog couple that loves to swim in the sea, but they are superspecial. Because a lot of the time they are visiting a hospital and then especially the children’s ward of the hospital. To bring some happiness to sad, angry, worried, stressed kids. Dot is here for them! I just adore that so much and I was aww-ing A LOT.

The repetition was a bit eh at times, but I didn’t mind it too much especially because it was so cute and so much fun. And I just loved seeing those kids go from worried, frowning, and unhappy to happy and not so stressed out. Plus, the last parts of the hospital visit just made me laugh so hard, seeing Dot in that wheelchair held by one of the kids and then racing around. XD

The latter parts of the book, OH NO. OH NO. I was just crying at that moment. I don’t want to spoil it and the ending of the book made me smile again, but for a bit of the book I was just in tears.

I have to say that I loved the Dutch names (Fiet (dog) and Wil (owner)), but now I see the English names and I just think those are WAY more fitting and WAY more lovely.

The illustrations were just pure perfection, but then again it is all drawn by the super Sara Ogilvie whose art I just adore! It is also one of the reasons I took the book (the other being that it is written by Julie Donaldson).

All in all, a beautiful and fun book about dogs, hospitals, and making people happy. Highly recommended.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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