Review for The Keeper Of The Little Folk Vol. 1: The Fairy Balm

Review for The Keeper Of The Little Folk Vol. 1: The Fairy Balm

Read My rating: 1 of 5 stars[ 2 of 5 stars ]3 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars5 of 5 stars The Keeper Of The Little Folk Vol. 1: The Fairy Balm, Carbone, Véronique Barrau, Charline Forns, Graphic Novel, Comics, Fantasy, Elves, Fairy, Grandma, Children's BooksI received this book from Europe Comics in exchange of an honest review.

The last of the 3 books I still had to read from Europe Comics! I am all up to date again, yay!

In this one we are going for magics, elves, and a mystery! However, while I did enjoy some elements, some elements and parts were just not for me. Like, I am just sick and tired of the trope of dumping your parents at a care home because they seem to not be OK or they have broken something. Grandma is very much OK, and you cannot just keep her at a place she doesn’t want to be. I see it it in more books and I just want to throw something at those people. Like, if grandma/grandpa is totally not doing fine, then I understand, but we have a pretty healthy and active older person here, she can handle herself.

Also at times it just felt like I was missing something, like things were rushed. I feel that the story could have been balanced better either with getting rid of some smaller things or just adding more panels to convey everything better. Now it just felt mushed and rushed. Not my kind of thing.

I also wasn’t always a fan of the elves, especially Llyam. He was just so over the top and just bounced around like crazy. I just couldn’t get a read on him.

The story was fun, but I don’t know, I was also a bit bored with it all? Maybe because of how it was rushed/how things seemed to be missing, or maybe it was something else. Sometimes I just cannot pinpoint it easily.

There were things I did like, like that there is a fairy world there with other fantasy creatures. That there is a keeper to be there for them. That there is a whole world of potions to discover (and I wanted to go into the book and brew some). I loved the art, it was whimsical and fun (and I like the colours). There is a cute cat.

But will I continue? Eh, not sure. Maybe, but probably not. I had fun with some elements, but there were just too many other things I just wasn’t happy with.

Star rating, 2 stars

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