Review for What Lives in the Woods

Review for What Lives in the Woods

What Lives in the Woods, Lindsay Currie, MG, Windows, woods, scary, horror, friendship, brother, family, vacation, summerScary, fast-paced, WOW. This is one book I couldn’t stop reading~

So, while it wasn’t exactly the season for it, I still very much needed this in my life and decided to read it. AND OH MAN. This was just a big creepfest and I love love it!

In this book we meet Ginny, a girl who wants to be writer one day, she and her family are going to spend their fun vacation in a not so fun location. Dad has work and they are now staying at a scary mansion. Well, at first it seems like a pretty OK place, but within hours, when the first night appears, something is lurking and I loved it. It gave me all the goosebumps.

As soon as the shadows popped up, well my mind went to the anime Shadow House. XD Though that one is way less scary, well for most. XD
Shadows House, Anime, Horror, Creepy

There are some terrifying moments, from a mannequin moving on its own to shadows flitting around to music playing and oh yes, did I mention a typewriter? XD Things get really scary, and I felt for Ginny, because she knew she would have to bring some concrete evidence if she wanted to have her parents believe her (she has quite an imagination). I loved that she found help in her brother, Leo. Yes, I was happily surprised by that. Given the way they were in the car, and at the home, I thought this would be a lot of sibling arguments, but instead Leo is just a sweetheart. Plus, she meets a guy who knows a lot and who is willing to help (and I loved him and yes, I was hoping they would get together, yes I am as bad as the mom XD). I really liked Will a lot. He was sweet, brave, and I loved how he helped her out so many times.

I loved reading about the little town and definitely wouldn’t have minded seeing more if it.

Not sure how I felt about the Agatha this and Agatha that, yes, we get it you love the writer. It also didn’t help that at times she seemed to know so much, but then made some remarks that made it seems like she knew not a lot.

The ending seemed a tad simple (I wanted more spookiness) but I still very much enjoyed it and, after reading it, found it did fit so nicely. I am also happy for Ginny and Will! That was so sweet~

All in all, I definitely need Scritch Scratch now because I want to get more spookiness by this author. And I would also recommend this book HIGHLY to all. If you are in for a scary read be sure to read it!

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