Review for Witch’s Trouble

Review for Witch’s Trouble

Witch's Trouble, Apple Sophia Lim, Diana Names, Purple, Witch, Puzzles, Children's Books, WitchesI received this book from Booksirens in exchange of an honest review.

So I just HAD to try out this book as it looked so adorable. Just look at that cover! Cute! Plus, the blurb sounded really fun, interactive and puzzles, sign me up!

Sadly, for most this was just a find x and y the same things or match this with that. While that was fun for most, I did find myself tuning out/zoning out because it just got so samey. I would have liked some more different puzzles next to match this with this and that. Like a maze which we got at the ending, or have us solve a word puzzle. Or maybe make us say words out loud! Or do a find the differences instead of matching. I think if there had been one overlapping story say, her going outside for a trip/fun day outside, let her go to an owlery and shop for clothes and meet up with friends for a snack. Then later on the day she wants to make some potions for friends and have us do something with that. Make it all connected. Now it was just short things here and there but it felt really random.  Click it together, make it make sense (haha).

But the art was adorable and I just love the style. The big eyes, the glitter, the colours used. I really enjoyed those and that is what kept me reading.

So yeah, while I am happy I read it because of the adorable art and there were some fun puzzles, but I just cannot give it a too high rating because it just felt all the same and again, with some story I would have liked it so much more. 3 stars (well 2.8 is maybe more accurate), because I absolutely loved the art, I love the idea of puzzles in a children’s books, and some of the puzzles were really fun.

Star rating, 3 stars

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