Spotify Unwrapped Book Challenge 2021

Spotify Unwrapped Book Challenge 2021

Hey all!!

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Welcome to a new tag that I just HAD to do when I saw it, welcome to the Spotify Unwrapped Book Challenge! Featuring.. a lot of S3RL. And I had to skip several songs as I listen to a lot of electronic music without any lyrics. Plus, I didn’t want to make this tag all S3RL. Though my spotify thought that was a great idea. XD

I found this tag over at Koosreviews by It’s Koo (be sure to check out their answers)!

Original Creator is Lace and Dagger Books!

The idea of this challenge is to put your playlist on shuffle, and for the first five songs, you need to pick a book you read in 2021 that fits that song. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fit. You just have to explain why you chose that book for that song. There may not be a book match for every song, so please feel free to skip.

SONG: S3RL: Candy
Space Battle Lunchtime Vol. 1: Lights, Camera, Snacktion, Natalie Ries, Reality Show, Cooking
REASON: This book is supersweet and supercute and features our MC making yummy food, generally sweets. I re-read this one in 2021 and I am glad I did because now I got the perfect book for this song!2.
SONG: S3RL: You Are Mine
Harleen, DC, Batman, Joker, Mental Health, Harley Quinn, Stjepan Šejić
REASON: The lyrics are pretty much fitting for Harley’s love for Joker. Obsessive. Over the top. She never wants to leave him, no matter what happens. He is hers and she is his. Forever.

SONG: KELTEK: Step Into the Game
It's Behind You, Horror, Thriller, Reality Game Show, Reality Show, Light Bulb, Scary, Young Adult, Kathryn Foxfield
REASON: I thought this song would fit with this book given the reality show angle/game angle along with a murderer (supernatural or more) walking around. Step into the game, get ready, stand up even when things get tough, being a rebel. Maybe a more war-oriented book fits better, but haha, aside from historical fiction I don’t really read about books with tons of violence/war stuff.

SONG: S3RL: Mr. Vain
Jana Aston, The Boss Who Stole Christmas, Reindeer Falls, Christmas, Sex, Romance, Man, Suit, Advent Calendar, NOvellla, Romance, Cute
REASON: Haha, sorry, I got two guys for this one. Jason from Crave, because he is so vain and egotistic at times, and Nick Saint-Croix who is a sweet guy but acts all huffy and important. And both strongly know what they want. XD

SONG: Technikore – Arsonist (2018)
Tasty Mango, J.J. Knight, Romance, Pregnancy, Baby, Sex, Cute, Apron

REASON: This song fits really well with Donovan who will do anything for Havannah. He doesn’t mind that she is pregnant and soon to be with baby. He brings her to fabulous places. Makes sure she is happy and comfortable. Also makes sure that the baby is getting all it needs. And as the song says, I can see him burn the world for her, search the ocean blue, and he wants all her love.

And that is it!! This was just TOO much fun to do and I cannot wait to do it again next year! I would tag whoever wants to do this tag~ Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Spotify Unwrapped Book Challenge 2021

  1. Great pairing!

    I started Tasty Mango but haven’t been able to find time to finish it. I had almost forgotten about it until you posted this. I love the lyrics you paired with it. Looks like it will be time to pick this one up again soon.

    1. Thank you!!

      Ohh, you need to finish that one, it is just the best! Happy I could remind you of it. Aww, thank you! Enjoy the book!

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