Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 2-1-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 2-1-2022


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Welcome to a new shiny TBR post, the first of 2022~~~

This week was pretty good! My husband and I had a whole week of freedom. So we relaxed, ate yummy food, played games + Lego + puzzles, read books, and more. It was definitely a week we both needed. I also ate plenty of oliebollen. The bakery we always go to bakes the BEST oliebollen, but they only sell the one I want (without anything in it) in the last week of the year. So I need to binge eat some oliebollen. XD And on New Years Eve some of the neighbours had built a little fire in parking lot/courtyard between the houses. There were also some snacks and drinks so my husband and I popped over twice that evening (before midnight and after). Of course, we held corona measures in order. Finally we could have some fun + talk to our neighbours we barely have seen in the almost 2 years of Corona. Lots of fun conversations were held along with watching kids and their parents do some fireworks + get warm by the fire.
Reading-wise a very very good week! I had tons of fun reading so many books!

What did I read from my TBR this week? Mirabelle (really fun book, loved seeing Mirabelle’s school), Nonnomnom (yummy and funny, really loved this one), Borreltijd (eh, it was OK, not as good as her second book), Typisch Carlo & Irene (this was a lot of fun), In haar voetsporen (good first part, meh the rest didn’t really felt like it was about the moms), Sorry dat ik je wakker bel (meh to Corona, but yas to the other parts and I learned some new things), Geen stress we gaan het maken (again bleh Corona, but yas for the teaching parts very interesting to read about this class and I was rooting for them), Noorderlicht in Noorwegen (I had so much fun reading this one, Norway YAY, mystery YAY).

I tried and DNF-ed Weg naar je eigen land (the writing style just didn’t work for me, I was bored), Het zijn mensen (too long introduction and sorry animal sex is something I don’t want to read about), De tuinen van … (yawn).

Here is a new stack. I am also reading Loveless (but it was downstairs so I didn’t add it to the stack). There are 2 books from my Christmas haul, and I bought 5 books of which 4 are presented here as one is part of a series that I haven’t read in ages. And some last library books I need to read~

And that is it! Thanks for reading my post and checking out my books~ I hope everyone has a great Sunday + a great week! Let me know in the comments which book looks interesting + what you are planning on reading~

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