Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 9-1-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 9-1-2022

Goooood afternoon all!

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Welcome to a shiny new Sunday’s TBR Updates!! dances

Well this week was OK, I guess. Haha, my stomach was finally behaving for most of the week. The finding a dog hunt is still not going well. Both dogs were taken and the one we saw this week.. well we didn’t get a chance for that either. sighs I am just feeling like giving up after almost 4 months.
But good things, I visited three of my libraries this week (#1, #2, #3) so that was fun (though very tiring). We had some fun walks whenever it didn’t rain. XD
Reading-wise: A very good week! Had fun reading plenty of books (both from my stack and just from what I have left of the library books next to my bed), found some new books to love… sadly also books I don’t want to see in my life.

What did I read from my TBR this week? De kroon en het hart (cute, but at times so annoying, I just wanted to punch Edward), Het is helemaal perfect (loved this one though I would have liked a bit more Instagram stuff now it was over so quickly), Bambi lust je rauw (not the easiest book for more than one reason (language being street language and Belgium Dutch (not sure how to explain it better) and all the violence, but still a good read), Filotective (this was interesting though the questions just annoyed me ;P).

I tried and DNF-ed Interior Chinatown (wasn’t a fan of the way the story was told), Victorian Scandal (the stories were WAY too long, I would have preferred short and to the point).

Here is a shiny new stack! With my new (and old) library books + my new books which I wanted to save for a bit longer so I haven’t read them yet. But this week I will. If I get to them. XD

Thanks for reading, wish me luck, and I hope everyone has a fantastic week! Stay safe! Oh, and be sure to tell me your plans/what looks good on my TBR stack~

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