The New Year’s book tag 2022

The New Year’s book tag 2022

Hey all!

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A big welcome to my 2022 edition of The New Year’s Book Tag!! And a big Happy New Year to all!!!

I thought it would be fun to do this tag yearly and see if my answers change!

This book tag is originally made by: Heather @Bookables.

Let’s get started~


How many books are you planning to read in 2020?

Like last year, I don’t plan that stuff! I just read and see at the end of the year what I read/how much I read. I feel like if I had to put up a goal I would just stress out and instead of having fun I would force myself to read. Nope, not for me.

Name 5 books that you didn’t get to this year but want to make a priority in 2022.

Dark Lullaby, Polly Ho-Yen, Pregnant, Family, Dystopia, Feminism, Woman, Pregnant

Well, I only got one up here. Yep. My physical TBR is pretty slim (and I am not counting my Christmas TBR as I only got those a week ago). I do have a handful of books on my Kindle, but I really need to be in a mood to read on a screen and that rarely happens.

What genre do you want to read more of?

Mm, like I said before and those who check my GR and Blog know I read quite diverse already. But I guess I would like to read more horror this year, I am in the mood for that.

Name 3 non book related goals for 2022.

Haha, I remember this one from last year. XD Well, I will probably forget them again, because the bathroom ceiling is still not done. We just haven’t had time or motivation to do it. So I guess that is on the list. I want to paint several rooms. And again, keep an eye out on my body, I guess I shouldn’t be so harsh on myself.

What’s a book you’ve had forever that you still need to read?

Dark Lullaby, Polly Ho-Yen, Pregnant, Family, Dystopia, Feminism, Woman, Pregnant

This one, it is also on the list for the earlier question. I got this book in July-ish (sorry not forever), and tried it during my vacation but just COULDN’T get into. So I want to give it another shot.

One word that your hoping 2022 will be.

Joy. That is all I want to feel more off. 2020 and 2021 haven’t been easy.

 Tag a friend!

Boop beep! All of you are tagged!


And that is the end of this tag! Just like last year I had tons of fun doing it! I hope everyone enjoyed the tag and is having a fantastic day! Have a great 2022!

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    1. OH, I hope you enjoy the book (just like I should really get to the book and read it). I haven’t seen the show as I heard it was quite graphic, but I did read the books and they were so good!

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