Top 10 Books January 2022

Top 10 Books January 2022

Goooodd afternoooon!!

January Top 10

A warm welcome to the very first Top 10 post of 2022, welcome to my favourite books of January 2022!

January was a pretty OK month. Got sick with flu and still recovering from that one (so tired, so so tired). Went to see a dog but it was just too much (he really needed a lot of attention and exercise). We added a new dwarf hamster to the family last Thursday, I felt it was time, her name is Mimi and she is adorable but still very shy. The weather was confusing with cold then warmer weather, rain and then hail or wind. I visited all my libraries twice which was just a pure joy!
Reading-wise a very very good month! So many books were read!

This month I had one 5+ starred books and ten 5 starred books. Not a whole lot, but I am still very happy!

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Koeien zeggen boe by Steve Webb, Fred Blunt, Animal Sounds, Animals, Funny, Pranks, Cows, Farm, Picture Book, Children's Books
Mr Penguin and the Fortress of Secrets, Alex T. Smith, Humour, children's Books, Treasure, hamsters, hypnotism, children's books, friendship, animals, spies, plane, ice, red, orange
De alles wat je worden wil machine, Kees Boer, Jobs, Brother, Sister, Humour, Picture Book, Children's Books, Kees de Boer, Yellow, Machine
Hilda's Book of Beasts and Spirits, Emily HIbbs, Jason Chan, Fantasy, Hilda, Children's Book, Magic, Beasts, Spirits
Mum's the Word: The sh*t nobody tells you about parenthood until it's too late, Rebecca Oxtoboy, Parenting, Pregnancy, Babies, Humour
How to Grow a Unicorn, Rachel Morrisroe, Steven Lenton, Unicorns, Gardening, Grandma, Picture Book, Cute, Humour, Children's Book
Wat alleen wij weten by Elvis Peeters, Charlotte Peys, Emotional, Sister, Brother, Sickness, Mourning, Loss, Beautiful, Bird
Donut the Destroyer, Sarah Graley, Blue, Donuts, People, Girl, Fantasy, Children's Books, Humour, Funny, Abilities, Graphic Novel
My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell, Red Hair, Child Abuse, Rape, Adult, Dark, Abuse, Boarding School, Then/Now
I Lost My Granny in the Supermarket, Jo Simmons, Nathan Reed, HIlarious, Funny, Children's Book, Wallaby, Grandmother, Award Show, Loo Rolls

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