Waiting on Wednesday ~ Sleepover Takeover by Simon James Green, Aleksei Bitskoff

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Sleepover Takeover by Simon James Green, Aleksei Bitskoff

Evening all!!!

Welcome all to a new Waiting on Wednesday!! Happy Wednesday all~

This week I am waiting for Sleepover Takeover by Simon James Green and illustrated by Aleksei Bitskoff! The book is out, yes, but I have had two reasons why I haven’t gotten the book yet. First it wasn’t available until this week (yay for Amazon….) and two in less than a month my birthday arrives and who knows if my husband has bought it as a gift for me~

I am very hyped about the book it sounds absolutely bonkers and silly. I mean what kind of sleepover was this and what the heck happened. XD One kid even has a tattoo and there is a donkey, how even? My sleepovers just tended to be quite boring (well if you compare it to this one), lots of yummy food and some movies, a lot of chatting.

I just need to know what happened and I definitely want to be there for the flashbacks to the party. Going by the cover I am really liking the art by Aleksei Bitskoff. It looks like their style fits well with this bonkers book.

So now it is waiting until the 5th of February. If I don’t get it this one will be bought very soon (please Amazon don’t suddenly stop selling it).

Sleepover Takeover by Simon James Green, LGBT, Children's Books, Humour, SleepoverFor Otis, this was a sleepover to remember – if only he could!

When dorky, unpopular 11-yr-old Otis wakes up in the morning at a sleepover birthday party, he’s in for a shock. At the marquee where the sleepover took place, it’s a scene of carnage and mayhem: there’s a donkey drinking at the chocolate fountain, a huge inflatable helium sausage looms above, doves everywhere, one of the kids has a tattoo, and there’s a suitcase of bratwurst on the floor! But what’s weirdest of all, neither Otis nor the other kids can remember what happened!
The party was in the back garden of popular kid Rocco Rococo’s huge house, and Otis was only there because his mum forced an invitation. Otis realizes that makes him Prime Suspect for causing the mess, and he needs to clear his name.

Meanwhile, Rocco just needs to keep his parents from finding out!

So while everyone else makes a befuddled exit, Otis and Rocco reluctantly team up to hide the evidence. They decide to retrace their steps in the hope of solving the mystery…

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