WWW Wednesday #19 ~ 12-1-2022

WWW Wednesday #19 ~ 12-1-2022

Evening all!!!!!

Welcome all to a new WWW Wednesday!! The first of 2022~

So far the week is going pretty OK! My arm isn’t so sore any more (got my Booster last Wednesday…). Plus, I have been updating my attic library. My current bookcases/shelves that I have just didn’t fit with what I wanted there, I tried painting the shelves, but whereas the colour worked fine on the stairs and on some other smaller items, but it just wasn’t charming on my shelf. So I decided to buy a new shelving for my books, namely my favourite of all IKEA furniture, a 5×5 Kallax! I already have one standing in the library (from the previous people who didn’t want it) so it will perfectly fit together. The new Kallax (along with also two smaller ones (3×3 and 2×2) to go on top as the roof is sloping at that side) came in today and at the time this post is up I will either be building it or it is done. And then tomorrow it is added the books in it.

About WWW Wednesdays: WWW WednesdayΒ is a meme hosted by Sam ofΒ Taking on a World of Words. It is a fun way to show readers what you are reading, what you finished, what you want to read next.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


The Gravity of Us, NASA, Phil Stamper, Young Adult, LGBT, Romance, Contemporary, Holding Hands, Guys
The library FINALLY had this one and so I can finally read it! Been a while since I have wanted to read this book so I am hyped. I only read a few pages as I have read other books/been busy, but so far so good!
Recently Finished, WWW Wednesday, Reading, Books, Rainbow, Plant
My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over!, Vol. 1, Tetsu Tsutsui, Koyubi Sugawara, Fans, Idols, Manga, Yandere, Nope, Friendship, High School
Quite a few finished today/yesterday, but this was one of them. A cute book… if Maaya wasn’t in it. I am quite disappointed by this manga. The premise was cute, and really if it was just Sakiko and Chiro? It would have been perfect.Β 

Huda F Are You?, Huda Fahmy, Graphic Novel
This graphic novel! I love Huda Fahmy’s other books and so I was hyped that she had a new book coming out! Amazon finally had it in stock and so I can read it when I am done with Gravity of Us or while I am reading. Not sure yet. XDΒ 

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