Book Blitz ~ Audiobook Club by Jessica Frances ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Book Blitz ~ Audiobook Club by Jessica Frances ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Good morning all!

Audiobook Club, Jessica Frances, Police, LGBT, Romance, Audiobook, Men, Listening, Book Club

A happy welcome to the Book Blitz for Audiobook Club by Jessica Frances! EEP! So excited to be part of the blitz~

For today’s post, phew I got a lot, I got two teasers, an excerpt, book/author information, and you can join a giveaway (open INT).

Let’s get this blitz started!

Audiobook Club, Jessica Frances, Police, LGBT, Romance, Audiobook, Men, Listening, Book Club

Audiobook Club, Jessica Frances, Police, LGBT, Romance, Audiobook, Men, Listening, Book Club

Being a police officer in a small town doesn’t often offer up many surprises. Working the night shift means I rarely see or do much of anything that doesn’t involve a speeding vehicle, or a drunken rant. And, while quiet nights are better than deadly ones, it still takes some getting used to after living in a big city for years.

So, I’m rather shocked when I pull over a driver and find the dirtiest audiobook playing from the car speakers. And, paint me intrigued when the hot driver struggles to get the enticing words to stop broadcasting to the entire street.

The embarrassing encounter has us both lowering our guard, and I find myself a new friend, one who suggests we start our own audiobook club.
Soon, we become more than just friends as we listen and fall into stories and new worlds together and, naturally, the sexy scenes we’re listening to become a blueprint for our own experiences to try … together.
But, when life intrudes and our audiobook club breaks up, I’m left wondering if everything was just fiction, or if maybe there is something real under it all.
Can we get our happily ever after, or will it all fizzle out before it has a chance to become something permanent?

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Audiobook Club, Jessica Frances, Police, LGBT, Romance, Audiobook, Men, Listening, Book Club

About the author:

Jessica Frances, Author, PhotographJessica lives in Adelaide, South Australia. When she is not writing, you can find her reading, napping or watching excessive amounts of TV. Connect with her on Facebook and Goodreads.

Find her here:      


“In all seriousness, thank you for today. I didn’t know what it would be like to move to a town where I knew no one and where I had to start over. Today could have felt really overwhelming. However, it didn’t because I had you in your ripped jeans and tight T-shirt to keep me distracted. And I don’t do games, and I don’t like to beat around the bush, so here it is. We’ve been on a couple of dates … sort of, and I really like you, Ethan, and I’d like to see where things can go between us.”
My breath literally wooshes out of my lungs. One second, I have a suitable-to-live amount of oxygen in my lungs, and the next second, I have nothing.
“Ethan? Care to speak? I didn’t say something wrong, did I?” He sounds panicked.
Sucking in some air and reactivating some brain cells, which apparently shut off, I shake my head at him. “No, you didn’t say anything wrong. I really like you, too, Russ, and I want to see where things between us go, as well. I don’t have much free time, though, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Is that going to be a problem?”
As we pull up to a traffic light, Russell turns to smile at me, reaching out and grabbing a hold of my hand. “No, no problem. I like things how they are right now and, while I will never say no to more time with you, I sort of like that I get to sneak time alone in with Esme. She can gift me with all your embarrassing childhood stories, like the one she told me the other day where you ran buck naked into a patch of poison ivy.”
I groan, wondering how it’s possible to love my gran with all my heart yet still want to strangle her.
“I was five years old!”
“She said she has photos.”
“I’ll kill her!” I growl, not that I would ever harm one hair on Gran’s head. I might give her a reminder about boundaries and to not show people naked photos of me. Not that she will adhere to it.
He squeezes my hand, and I tighten my grip.
“So, we’re officially more than friends?”
I nod. “Yep.”
“But we’re exclusively more than friends to only each other, right?”
I almost scoff at the idea that I would have time to even attempt something with two men, but I like that we’re defining this aspect because, while I might not have the time, Russell could, and I don’t want to share him with anyone, even if he does deserve more of a commitment than I have time for right now.
“There will be no one but you for me.”
The traffic light finally changes, and Russell propels the car forward.
“And no one but you for me,” he mutters.
I let those words soak into every pore of my body.
Why does that feel so damn right?

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