Great Romance (With a Dash of More) Books to Read for Valentines Day (2022)

Great Romance (With a Dash of More) Books to Read for Valentines Day (2022)

Hey all~

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Just two more days until Valentine’s Day and I got a new shiny list to share with you featuring 10 books I would recommend for that day!

I thought I would do this one again because I had so much fun doing it last year! And I mixed it up nicely again~ I got 1 book featuring poly (anyone got any suggestions, I am in for more poly), 2 books featuring F/F, 3 books featuring M/M, 3 books F/M, and one cute adorable punny book to give to someone you love (I gave it to my husband for our anniversary). I got adult books, manga, a graphic novel, and young adult! Each books features romance (duh) in some way or another. I didn’t really want to go for 100% romance books for the whole list, I also picked some great books with swoony romance in it (because seriously Blue x Levi is just LIFE), but also feature some other fabulous things (like vampires or selkies).

I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day! hands out chocolate hearts to all her readers

Once Upon a Royal Summer: A delightful royal romance from Hallmark Publishing, Teri Wilson, Dress, Yellow, Romance, Humour, Cute, Teri Wilson
Ore Monogatari, My Love Story, Romance, Manga
Tracy Wolff, Crave, Flower, White, Blood, Monsters, Vampires, Werewolves, WItches, Dragons, Romance, Instalove, Young Adult, Boarding School, Alaska, Earthquakes, Fantasy, Mystery, Family, Uncle
The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings, Black and Blue, Book 1, Blue Guy, Suit, Ghosts, Haunted HOuse, LGBT, ROmance, Sex, Lily Morton
The Boyfriend Cruise, Fantasy, Incubus, Romance, LGBT, Sex, Cruise, Travelling, Family, Blue, Postcard, Beach, Boat, Men,Pride of the Caribbean, Book 1, Deanna Wadsworth
Red, Baggage, Photographs, Men, Our Not-So-Lonely Planet Travel Guide, Volume 1, Mone Sorai, Manga, Travelling, Romance, LGBT, Vacation, Fun, Cute,
Cheer Up: Love and Pompoms, Pompoms, Cheerleading, LGBT, Romance, Transgender, Girls, Graphic Novel, Crystal Frasier, Val Wise
The Girl from the Sea, Molly Ostertag, Sea, Girls, Young Adult, Graphic Novel
Dowry of Blood, Vampires, Dracula, Letters, LGBT, Fantasy, Horror, Brown, Skeletons, Veil, Woman, Dancing, Retelling, Brown, Red, Flowers, Blood
I Love You Like No Otter: Punny Ways to Say I Love You, Sophie Corrigan

4 thoughts on “Great Romance (With a Dash of More) Books to Read for Valentines Day (2022)

  1. Happy Valentines 💕
    Oh wow I read absolutely none of those 😅 once upon a royal summer looks good; and somehow my mind associate crave to twilight?? Most probably the ressemblances withinn the covers..

    Fun fact: years ago my ex just wrote puns like the otter one in the Valentine’s day card he got me 🤣 nothing but puns. Ahah

    1. Happy Valentines to you too~ 💝
      Haha, well then you got plenty of fun choices! And well, the cover isn’t the only thing, it is pretty Twilight. We got a shiny new girl, a hot vampire. Also a hot dragon instead of a werewolf. Though there are some other paranormals like werewolves. Quite a few peeps want the girl dead. Oh, and did I mention she can be a tad clumsy? XD It is still fantastic and as the story continues it still stays Twilighty, but less so. Would recommend it!
      I love that fun fact! I can imagine your reaction to getting such a pun-filled card.

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