Hip Hip Hooray~ My Blog is 8 Today!

Hip Hip Hooray~ My Blog is 8 Today!

HI all!

And another year has passed by! Happy Blogiversary to my sweet pink blog! 8 years! Wow, I really never thought I would be blogging for this long, that blogging would be something I would enjoy so so much!

But here we are, 8 years later and I am still having fun with blogging! I love posting new posts featuring all sorts of bookish content. I love thinking of new things to post. Back when I started it was mostly just reviews and some meme posts but 8 years later and BOY I got so many fun things to pick to post. I participate in tons of fun bookish promos, I discover so many new books through it and I hope that I also helped my readers finding their next read! There are book tags which I just love doing~ I do Spell the Months and got Stickiiclub contents to show. I got TBR posts from weekly to vacation. sighs happily I am just so happy that my blog has expanded so much~

I want to sent a ton of love and appreciation to all my dear readers/followers/visitors! Really, thank you, thank you so much! I love reading your comments~ I am always happy to see likes appearing on my posts. Thank you for visiting! You are all fantastic, thank you!

Still no giveaway this year~ Still there is the COVID wandering around and BD being the only option (and not a too good option in my eyes these days). So this is just a celebration post because I don’t want to skip this day. It is an important day! It is worthy of celebration! I am just so amazed that a year passes by and I am still enjoying blogging, that keep thinking of new ideas, thinking of what I could do to make things more fun. I want to reach 10 years~

Here are some fun GIFs to celebrate~

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