Library Haul ~ 14-2-2022 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 14-2-2022 (Library #1)


Welcome all!! Welcome to a shiny new Library Haul! Yesterday I visited Library #1~

I wasn’t at first sure if I would go, I mean, I had planned to go, but when I woke up in the morning it was all wet outside. Thankfully, later in the afternoon the weather cleared up and it was very sunny! So I could go! It was quite busy at the library and it seemed that now that most of the measures were gone people just didn’t care at all any more. Oh well, I did my best to dodge people/keep safe distance. In the end I just focussed on happy thoughts and finding tons of books!

And that last one started off a bit slow, really thought I would just find maybe 5-6 books, but then nearing the end of my visit I kept finding books. XD I even had to put some sadly back because I could only bring along 12 books with me. Sorry to those amazing books! If I remember you next time, I will bring you along then!

For this visit though, I am very happy with what I thought. I am in the mood for comics and romance and I found plenty of those~ I am not sure which one I will start first, maybe that book about Ellis Island (Welkom in Amerika, the brown tall book near the bottom), that one sounded amazing and the art looked good!

STATS: 12 books. 3 romance, 3 picture books, 1 children’s book, 5 comic/GN.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
The Nine Lives of Furry Purry Beancat #3 by Philip Ardagh
Watkat, dat ben ik by Jim Benton
Het laatste verhaal van Mina Lee by Nancy Jooyoun Kim
Mikayla on Tour by Marisa Koopman
Alleen met jou by Angela Britnell
Zeggen dat ik van je hou by Alette Straathof, Marilyn Singer
Mijn haar! by Hannah Lee, Alleen Fatimaharan
FRNK #5 by Antonio Cossu, Oliver Bocquet
Spirit #1 by Mara
Draak en gif #1 by Rebecca Morse
Elliseiland #1 by Philippe Charlot, Miras
SOS Pjotr by Pual Oole

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