Review for Astronomers and What They Do

Review for Astronomers and What They Do

Astronomers and What They Do, Liesbet Slegers, Astronomer, Stars, Planets, Non-Fiction, Children's Books, Picture Book, InterestingI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I am a BIG BIG fan of Liesbet Slegers and always eager to read her books! I just love her illustration style and she writes some really fun books on a wide scale of subjects. From books like this about astronomy to pilots to books that are fiction and are about friendship and holidays. Her books always make me smile, so of course I had to request this book!

In this book, a non-fiction picture book, we learn all about astronomers, about stars, about telescopes, and so much more! It is a information-packed book but it all never felt overwhelming, it was written really well for the age group with clear explanations on words by explaining it in the story and/or by showing it with pictures. I really had fun reading about astronomers and seeing what they do. Not much new to me, though I also learned some new bits, like about the laser beam and it being yellow! Kids will learn a whole bunch of fun information on a fun and interesting way.

I loved that at the end we get some discoveries of astronomers, aka the stars/space. From moons to eclipses. I am delighted that this was added~

And the art was once again very sweet and cute! I love it!

All in all, does your kid want to know more about space? About astronomers? Be sure to get this book for them!

Star rating, 4 stars

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