Review for Casual Conversations About Love and Murder

Review for Casual Conversations About Love and Murder

Casual Conversations About Love and Murder, Chelsea Mueller, Water, Murder, Mystery, Young Adult, Grief, Mourning, Loss, Friendship, Romance, Red lettersI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review. These are all my honest opinions.

I was so excited when I got the mail from the author if I wanted to read her newest book, um excuse me, YES. I was already looking forward to it! So a big thank you to the author for letting me read the book!

In this book a party ends with death! But is it murder? Or is it something else? I just loved how Emma bit in it, not letting go. Even when people tell her that she should just stop digging. Stop thinking these thoughts. I loved how she went for it, first alone, later with help. She didn’t stop. I was rooting for her to figure out all the details, I hoped that she would find out!

I also love that there is the topic of grieving, however I wasn’t too happy with Emma at points. Everyone griefs differently. Some people are done in days. Others take weeks. And others, like you Emma, need so much more time. She had some comments on people’s way of grieving but all the while she did expect them to accept her way of grieving. It was just a tad odd.

The romance? I really enjoyed it. And was also glad it wasn’t instalove. Haha. These two had chemistry for sure and I was shipping them quite early on, it took them a bit before figuring out their feelings and getting close enough to get romantic. Romance in thrillers can be a bit hit/miss. It can work, but I have seen instances in which it was just too overpowering. However in this one? It was well done! Well written. I guess it also helped that Cole was helping Emma and also had his reasons for doing things. And that they weren’t overly in the romance mode. I loved that he was there for her when she had her moments, when things just got too heavy for her to carry. He was a great character.

I loved Maisey, she was such an amazing friend and I loved how she didn’t treat Emma like a weirdo for wanting justice. Instead she helped out, she talked with Emma, she listened. It was just great, a lot of times in books like this (YA Thriller) we see that friends shake their heads or think that the MC should just be normal. Kind of what happens with Emma’s dance squad friends. I was happy that Maisey was there for Emma. Despite her having a very full schedule (I really still don’t get the whole American High School thing and college essays and SATs and the likes) she was there.

I am sorry, while we do read some more on Becca, get to see a whole different one through the memories and see that things happened, I just couldn’t like her that much. The whole kissing your best friends crush just ruined her character for me, and as that is the only thing we see from her before she dies, I frankly couldn’t care about her that much. It just reminded me too much of something that happened in my past (only the guy was my boyfriend). So while I was happy that Emma was going after things and was determined to get justice, I frankly couldn’t care on the same level.

I am still not sure how I felt about the water angle. Haha, I mean it was just so strange. I am sorry, I have to be honest.  But I was just scratching my head and my husband was also kind of weirded by it when I told him about how the WATER IS DEADLY HUNNY. XD Be warned of the big MEAN PHARMACEUTICAL! XD But eventually… when things get more exciting and the research becomes bigger and better and things got a bit clearer and we find out some big deets, I started to get a bit more interested in it. But I still had a feeling that there was much more to the whole thing. That it wasn’t just the water. That there was something else too. And I was right, and I was shocked. That someone would go that far. That someone would do this. Would plan and tinker. That is all I want to say because I don’t want to spoil anything.

I so love the cover. Already did when I first found out about this book but now after reading the cover is even more ominous. Love it!

Plus, I love the title~ It fits so well with the book!

The ending WOW what a rollercoaster!! A lot of things came together and all the last pieces of the puzzle clicked together and a certain phrase uttered by Emma’s mom earlier was suddenly very clear.

All in all, despite that I had a bit of a laugh at the water is deadly part and that I just wasn’t that into Becca and our MC may have gone a tad far at times, I still had so much fun reading this one and I read it in one go. There was a dash of romance, small town cops not caring, mystery, people dying, and also mourning and grieving.

Star rating, 4 stars

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