Review for Do Not Mess with the Mermaids

Review for Do Not Mess with the Mermaids

Do Not Mess with the Mermaids, Dragons, Fantasy, Yellow, Blue, Mermaids, Humour, Children's Books, Friendship, RoyaltyThe girls are back! This time it is mermaids + more dragons + more shenanigans!

I am so excited that the library decided to add this one to their collection. It is a very rare occurrence for them to add sequels to their collection. Often it only happens to the superpopular books. So I had already expected that I would have to buy the book to be able to read it further. So a big thank you to the library and I hope you will be adding the third book (yesssssssss) to the collection as well!

In this delightful book we get new adventures with Grace and her friends. And of course Poop her unicorn is also present, love that unicorn he is so funny. But there are also new characters! Mermaids are coming to the castle. Grace finds an egg and of course decides to bring it with her which turned her into a dragon mom. XD The book is packed with tons of fun and humour because things in this place never seem to go right. I really enjoyed Grace in this book and I am happy that she hasn’t changed a bit from the previous book. She is still kick-ass and she rules at Troll-O and is even teaching kids it (both girls and boys).

I am also happy that Portia and Bram are present and helping Grace/having adventures with her. Portia is still learning a lot about the dragons and Bram is still practising his transformation powers (and getting better at them). I also hope we see more of Verity, a trainee witch. She seems like a hoot to be around.

I just ADORED Dennis and I love that they call him that (and someone even called him a menace which just made me snort). He was indeed quite naughty at times. I just adore that he just wants to swim. To just have fun in the water. Not entirely dragon-behaviour. Or well, there are of course water dragons (though apparently not in this story) but the dragons here seem to be mostly liking the sky. Dennis was adorable and I love that Grace took such good care of him. OR well… she tried. Haha.

I wasn’t a fan of the mermaids, or well, of the Queen especially since we see the most of her. I found her overreacting and being mean. I get it that you don’t want a dragon around, especially one that messes up your water, but come on, if multiple people say it is safe and even get the little naughty boy out of the water, just stop making a fuss. OK, I could understand the poop part, while the peeps in the kingdom are fine with it… I wouldn’t like dragon poop on my head. XD

I loved both sports, and I have to say I am especially charmed by the mermaid’s sport. It looks so much fun that I just wanted to hop into the water and have a go at it!

While I did enjoy the book a lot and give it the same rating as the first one, I have to say at times I struggled a bit. There were just some parts (like with the mermaids) that weren’t my cup of tea. I hope that the next book grabs my attention 100% again!

I would still recommend this book and of course it’s predecessor to all in the need for something funny, silly, and that has girls be knights.

Star rating, 4 stars

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