Review for Donut the Destroyer

Review for Donut the Destroyer

Donut the Destroyer, Sarah Graley, Blue, Donuts, People, Girl, Fantasy, Children's Books, Humour, Funny, Abilities, Graphic NovelHere is Donut! Her surname is The Destroyer… but actually this girl just wants to be hero!

After almost 2 years I finally had the chance to read this book! It was just on/off on Amazon, but finally I could buy it! I just love Sarah Graley’s work and I want all of them. Haha.

In this hilarious and inspiring book we meet Donut. Last name: The Destroyer. As you can see she is set for evil things… but this girl doesn’t want to! She wants to be good. She wants to be a hero. She wants to do good deeds and defeat evil. You can imagine that it didn’t went that well with the parents as they are the TOP dogs in evil (though you wouldn’t expect it given how they are, haha). I am still very happy that they let her go there. Not forcing her to go to the bad school.

Donut is a very sweet and strong girl (for real, her superpower is strength) and I was just rooting for her from the start. I always love it when people choose another path than one that was there since their birth. I loved that she wanted to be a hero. And I loved how hard she worked at school to show the people there that she was truly being good. Not just making masterplans to destroy stuff. When things seem to go south (due to a certain evil friend who isn’t approving of things) I loved that she had her friends to be there for her but that she also tried to make things right. Like with the statue. A lot of people would just have slunk away and hid, but not Donut. She thinks of an amazing plan.

I loved her new friends at the hero school, they were just the sweetest and the best friends. I love how they accepted Donut immediately into their group and I had fun seeing all the things they were doing or planning to do. Including a lot of clubs. Haha.

The hero school was fun and I wanted to dive into the book to check out the lessons as well. Become a hero!

I do have to mention the parents and how much I just adore that duo. They were evil, but also so sweet and hilarious. I just love their antics. And they earned even more points with the ending and what they did there.

I wasn’t a fan of Ivy. I can somehow see why she is doing these things, but I just wanted her to get the hint. Stay away. Stop ruining your friends life, you aren’t getting her back by doing that kind of stuff. Really. You are just hurting her. I get that Ivy is evil, but seriously, she was more annoying than evil. XD

The art was, as expected because it is Sarah Graley, amazing. I just loved the facial expressions and the designs of the characters. I love the details. I love the colours. I love everything.

All in all, Sarah Graley and Stef Purenins did it again! They made a wonderful, hilarious, sweet, inspiring and fun graphic novel that will be loved by everyone.

Star rating, 5 stars

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