Review for Hug Machine

Review for Hug Machine

Hug Machine, Scott Campbell, Cute, Adorable, Hugging, love, Picture Book, Mailbox, Boy, Children's Books, ChecklistA sweet and cute book about a boy who loves to hug! He is a real hug machine~

I was looking for something cute to read for Valentine’s Day, or at least, have a cute review up for my blog on Valentine’s Day as it is 9-2 today, and I came across this book! About hugs!

I loved that the book started with a hug checklist! This boy has plans~ Everything and everyone is getting a big ol’ hug from the little fella~ I was definitely curious about some of his items, like we see a bear? A snake? A whale? I was wondering how he would get his checklist done.

And so we see him hug everything. From small to big. From alive to not so alive. He is a true hugging machine and I had a laugh at all he encountered on his walks. I am not entirely sure how people felt about his hugs. We see most people just looking bewildered but a few people (and animals) seem moved and happy to have gotten a hug. I loved that he wasn’t afraid to hug the spikiest or the biggest things he encountered, he thought of a brilliant way to give them all that love!

I loved that we got to see maps with how he hugged people. His path is all over the place but all he cares about is hugging!

Pizza is always a great answer! I would also say that. Yum. Now I am hungry for pizza. looks around

The ending just made me smile so so much and boy I loved it! That was just the way to end this book!

The art was really adorable and the style really fitted with the book! It made me go aww a lot.

All in all, this is a book I would highly recommend on this beautiful day of love and happiness! Come get your hug from the hug machine~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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