Review for I Am Angry

Review for I Am Angry

I am Angry by Michael Rosen, Robert Starling, Emotions, Cat, Humour, Picture Book, Children's Books, RedA cute book about a kitten’s rage!!

I saw this book at the library and it just had to pop home with me. I had such a laugh at the cover, that anger just vibrating of the pages and I read a few bits and laughed so hard.

First up, I love the note to grown-ups, though it could also easily have been a note to the little ones as well. Fun to read what inspired him to write this book~

In this hilarious book we read all about a tiny kitten who is ANGRY. SO SO ANGRY! We see how he will be making a din, he scares away bees, even giants are noping the way out of there. I had such a laugh as the story got more and more silly, though I have to say I do recognise these feelings of anger. I may not have considered flattening the moon with a mallet, but I certainly thought of flattening other things.
I am also happy that the kitten can go their own way. Nobody is trying to console them. Nobody is trying to make them happy again. Everyone is just having the kitten let it all out. Just be angry. Just do your tantrum.

I love that it all rhymed~

Because we see what happens afterwards. And while I am not a tiny kitten, I do know how tired one feels after a good portion of anger. Of being angry. It really sucks out energy.

The art was just fabulous, the illustrator really captured the rage! Either by expressions of by what he made the kitten do. Be sure to also check the endpapers at the beginning and the end! Loved them~

All in all, a nice ANGRY book with a cute kitten not having the best of days! This book will strike a chord with kids and adults!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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