Review for I Lost My Granny in the Supermarket

Review for I Lost My Granny in the Supermarket

I Lost My Granny in the Supermarket, Jo Simmons, Nathan Reed, HIlarious, Funny, Children's Book, Wallaby, Grandmother, Award Show, Loo RollsA rollercoaster of fun and humour. Will Harry find his grandma and get her safely to the award ceremony??

I just love Jo Simmons books! I have read many of the books in this series (as I would call them because they are all part of the same universe) and I have loved them all! They are just so much fun and Jo Simmons is really awesome at writing wonderful stories that are both sweet and hilarious.

In this hilarious book we meet Harry, a boy very tall for his age (and throughout the book there are many misunderstandings about him due to his height). He has one task on this day of days, get his grandma to the hairdresser, find a new outfit and a hat, eat some lunch, and then go to the award ceremony! Doesn’t seem hard right? Well, hilariously, everything will go wrong that day. Because grandma has her own plans which include porkpieing a security guard, hopping in rollercoasters, and more. We see how Harry tries his best to catch up to his grandma with hilarious situations happening because of it. I laughed so much, though I also have to say that I felt sorry for Harry at times, he just wanted those puppy points and keep his granny safe.

I loved finding out why grandma was getting the award, we do get some talk about loo rolls, but that just confused the heck out of me. But apparently it was truly loo rolls. Grandma invented something amazing and inspired lots of people. Throughout the book we see that lots of people know her and want her to sign loo rolls. Yes, really. Loo rolls. Be prepared for tons of loo rolls. XD

I loved the later parts of the book and all that happened there. That granny sure is awesome!

I absolutely LOVE seeing Harry’s friends, because they are from the previous books! Jonny, Tom, and Keith are all there. Not a whole lot but we do meet them at times and I am just so happy~

I wasn’t sure what to make of Harry’s sister at first, but I really liked her as the story went on.

There are also a couple of goats that love to eat pants and knickers and flowers and well everything. I guess maybe the fence should be fixed, but then again, these are goats, they will find a way. XD

I love the idea of puppy points, that is such a fun idea to have your kid do chores and other things to show he can be responsible + let him think if he really wants the puppy. I do hope that mom was able to save for a puppy because DANG those are expensive (my husband and I would love a dog, but so far have no success at shelters, but buying a puppy for a certified person… is way too much (like 1500+ euros)).

The ending just made me smile, Harry was already pretty responsible, but he has gotten more and more responsible as the story went on. I loved what he did for his grandma and loved that they had such a wonderful day.

The art was just fabulous once again, Nathan Reed has done it again. The text was already very funny but seeing the illustrations made me laugh so much more!

I just had one little nagging thing, and that was how the grandmother was. She knows her grandson is following her, that he is doing his best to keep track of her, and she just ditches him constantly. That was just not my thing. I am glad that later on in the book they had a talk about it (and I was so happy that Harry was just letting it all out, go Harry), but it just took a tad too long for me.

All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend this one to all. Are you in the mood for something funny and hilarious? Some sweet? Something with goats and grannies? Be sure to check this one out!

Star rating, 5 stars

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